Other GTA San Andreas: Twitch Live-Stream Playthrough from THE BIG GUY~!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Idiot #2, Sep 4, 2016.

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  1. I've recently tried streaming and recently tried playing some GTA SA as well. I enjoy it and I'm planning to do an entire playthrough by streaming it. Every stream will have a couple of missions and lots and LOTS of banter. Just making this thread so people that are interested in watching it, can watch it because I'll be linking my past broadcasts in here. Only done one so far but expect many episodes to be coming your way, brothers. Hope you guys enjoy it and are in for the ride~

    P.S: Would suggest reading the chat with it since it'd explain the stream and why I'm talking about certain subjects a bit more ngl

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  2. Requesting a tag for when you go live pal, was a good time.
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  3. Will post about it like 5 minutes before I'm doing the stream tagging the #lads and then when the stream's actually done, I'll edit the post and just link the broadcast with it so got ya covered, brother.
  4. tag me boi
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    @Mike Thunder

    P.S.: Check out the stream chat for context of what I was actually talking about and who I was actually talking to lmfao

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    First 4 minutes are muted because of copyright issues, but nothing that can't be resolved so that'll be fixed soon. In the meantime, enjoy the stream, brothers:

    P.S: Like always, check out the stream chat for context and shit.

  7. sorry dude, gonna go fiiming with al tomorrow so cant watch!
  8. That's cool, bro. Just check out the replay I posted above if you care, my brother. (Same goes for anyone else reading this! Also, everyone, follow me. I want more followers than Drag and Dojo haha!)
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    @Chief Dojopper
    @Mike Thunder
    @Ring Rust
    @Ricky Daniels

    EDIT: Here's part 4 for everyone to enjoy. I'm sorry about me muting myself sometimes, I can be quite the retard at times and I forgot to unmute myself for the cutscenes init. Same thing happened with the first 5 minutes, where I just didn't talk because I had no idea that my headset was on mute. Either way, I still think it was a successful stream. Hope you lads enjoy!:

    P.S: Check out the chat for context of what I'm saying and who I'm talking to and all that.

  10. Stop fucking tagging me in this you piece of shit
  11. Yeah guys, well, my mic's broke so that's the end of my little playthrough haha! (Fuck my life)
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