GTA San Andreas

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Star Lord, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. Anyone got this on steam? If you do anyone got or know of any good servers? Its 5 pounds on the steam sale atm
  2. I assume by servers you mean SA:MP? Played SA:MP a while ago. I was a mod on a server but left after I leaked a picture of an uppity overweight Admin, everyone set the picture as their wallpaper and uploaded it to the "post your desktop background" thread on the forums.

    Anyway, fun fact, I found Crayo when some guy named George came into a server I was on and spammed his forum, I joined for shits and then he sold the forum to Crayo. Just think, if I hadn't gone on that server at that time, I would be free right now.

    But OT, most of the servers I've seen are pretty dead at this point. I just checked, and most of the servers with the most amount of players are non-english stunt or roleplaying servers.
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  3. Awesome, Is it a different game you buy for SA:MP or is it just SA on steam?
  4. I thought you were already talking about SA:MP, what did you mean by "servers"? SA:MP is just a third-party multiplayer mod that you install after San Andreas. You might need to downgrade (there's tools online) your version of SA, since SA:MP might not be compatible with the version on steam.
  5. By servers I was meaning multiplayer and stuff
  6. I'd get this if there were more people playing, simply to play with Coon. Seems like too much fun. If Saints Row 3 is on sale, I'll probably get that, since him and Xanth play that iirc.
  7. I was gonna buy it but Gmod was £1.50, Ill get GTA SA when its in the flash sale
  8. SAMP isn't really that good in my opinion, once you've played one server you've pretty much played them all.
  9. Actually just bought this game last night :obama: Don't know of any servers yet though.
  10. Dude I love SAMP, fun to play with friends. Didn't buy it, found it somewhere a while back when it was free.
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