GTA V Worth It?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Roadster, Feb 22, 2014.

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  1. Obviously It Is

  2. Yes

  3. I Don't Know

  4. No

  5. Absolutely Not

  1. I'm looking to buy it tomorrow and theres a lot more than usual "Over Rated" prompts on the game, is it as good as IGN, Gamespot, GameStop and Metacritic make it out to be?
  2. Fuck yeah! The story is great!
  3. Yeah its decent. Really enjoyed it myself and still giving it regular plays online and trying to 100% it.
  4. Is the GTA Online built in now, or do you have to buy it?
  5. For sure the main story could've used a bit more length to it but regardless this game is amazing and totally worth it. It's WAY more smooth than GTA IV as far as movements and such go, also the multiplayer mode for this one is far superior.
  6. It's Free / Built-in.
  7. Built in mate.
  8. I love GTA V i really wish that had rendered it for the new generation systems though, would make me think about getting one sooner rather than later.
  9. I would say buy it even tho I voted absolutley not. I would score the story mode of the game 10/10. The online is one of the reasons I dont play Video games anymore, I would get it tho if I was you!!
  10. Why'd you hate online so much?

    I'm new to online and found myself relatively safe from idiots so far.
  11. Main reason among others is my online wont connect. Its just the blury screen of the sky and the circle just spins in bottom corner, Just wont boot up even tried getting rid of save.
  12. Fair enough. I've been lucky and had no issues but I only started online a few weeks ago after however many updates there have now been. Due to wanting to avoid problems like you said.
  13. I would say buy it. The online had issues in the beginning when it first launched, but Rockstar has provided free DLC as a 'sorry we fucked up' present. The single player story is a bit short compared to previous titles, but the story is very well written.
  14. Fuck dude I wish I had waited. Another reason this game pisses me off is I bought Britt her own xbox and copy of GTA and we only got it work a hand full of time to play together. Such a waist of cash lol
  15. Even without the Online, it's worth it.
  16. it's worth it but a word of warning the story mode is ridiculously easy. and short. the online mode is great.
  17. i dunno bout that once you beat the very short story there's fuck all to do without online.
  18. The story isn't that short, plus it's actually entertaining!
  19. oh i agree its a great story, but i beat it very quickly. i bought the game and three days later i was done with it. then again im a gta master.
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