GTFO Roman its Bray's time to win the titles

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 17, 2014.

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  1. GTFO Roman its Bray's time to win the titles and everyone knows it. Bray is the better man here he can talk on the mic very well and wrestle very well. Roman doesnt have all of that hes just a pretty boy that Vince has got a hard on over but he wont be the face of the company and he wont be champion. Bray Wyatt is here to change things for the better at MITB he will be the new WWE world heavyweight champion and that is my next prediction that will become true!. Remember people I got my man Brock breaking the streak right and none of you believed me it would happen
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  2. Girl bye
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  3. I swear most of us voted to stop letting her make threads, it's the only issue we have. I mean you cut the vine, you kill the grapes, amiright? Doesnt make sense, does it.
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  4. Yes, the man who lost to Cena twice deserves the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Not the powerhouse, undefeated, sexy beast that is, Roman Reigns.
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  5. Being serious now, BLFFL is actually right, surprisingly. Wyatt winning the title at MITB clearly makes the most sense. Reigns will get his at WM31.
  6. I could swear Cena beat the shield 3v1 earlier this year.
  7. Explain? If Reigns won, you get the authority going after him with HHH Vs. Reigns at Summerslam. If Bray won, the... Cena again? Who challenges him? Even Cesaro is a better choice then Wyatt with Paul Heyman talking about how he's the man behind 21-1 and Cesaro's championship reign. And with that you get a potential Lesnar Vs. Cesaro at SS.

    This is all my opinion tho.
  8. Last year and I think Reigns was protected by Dq'ing himself.
  9. The lass is right there lads
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  10. DB has to face a heel when he returns, and Reigns isnt that guy. It's as simple as that reply, he cannot win.
  11. And Bryan isn't returning anytime soon I think. (According to reports that he's healing at a slow rate and losing feelings on his left arm.) I would think Survivor Series. Plus, Cesaro would be the choice because all of that builds up to Lesnar Vs. Bryan.
  12. .....So you think DB isn't going to be in the WWE WHC title scene when he returns? So instead of bray vs DB since Cesaro vs Lesnar needs no belt involved doesnt make sense, what do you suggest for Bray and DB during said time?
  14. DB is going to be in the title scene. I'm just saying that Cesaro or Lesnar would be a better choice than Bray.
    But again, making Bray champion now would just be ehn for me. He still doesn't seem main event quality to me. Something that Reigns and Cesaro can pull off easily.
  15. It could be worse, WWE could choose a Canadian.
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  16. Save.Us_Y2J
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  17. Seriously how much I would mark. Honestly if Christian wasnt nursing a broken fingernail or whatever I would accept him at this moment. I just wanted to take a shot. Hope the Eurofags are treating you well, eh!?

    Really though, if anyone is going to have the belt for 2-3 months MAX it'swo you can't have a full feud involving the belt and then move it away from it because DB returned unless he is the guy who wins it back from you, and the only way it hurts no one is if he does it with someone he has history with. This is Bray going over Cena in a way us smarks can all love, while we still get Cesaro vs Lesnar, and giving us a huge Cena losing to Bray match we all want to see.

    Honestly if Bray wins those of us here who watch it outside of the few marks who think bray "is a jerk" win. I'm talking about Xanth. Seriously though, Bray winning would be a huge boom to WWE, could you imagine the amount of people who would turn in just to see wtf happened? The others it would be okay, but he would really put the dynamite inside wwe for months, especially while the authority implodes vs shield.
  18. I don't see Reigns winning, Triple H would most likely cost him the match which would start the build of HHH/Reigns. The two people that I see having the biggest chance of winning would be Wyatt, and Cesaro. But, if Wyatt wins would that mean Wyatt/Cena again? I'd rather that not happen.

    There's always Del Rio.:adr:
  19. Wyatt over cena in a win bigger than WM. pass? Really?

    ADR as champ would make me mark but wouldn't get me to watch RAW. Sheamus i'd just give up, same with most of them, including if they went authority for the belt again, and GOD save us if Orton fucking won. God save the WWE. 700 mil lost? Wait until that happens @Tgmiveld

    It has to be Bray, honestly I see no other way really sparking interest. His promos are huge regardless of heel or face, DB is the only one who could stop him (unless Y2J came back, god I mark for Save_usY2J) and we know Cena needs a huge match at summerslam. Why not?

    Honestly, instead of picking who, why don't people try to explain why Bray Wyatt as champ wouldn't be what WWE needs? Who is a better heel to pick outside of Bray, unless the MITB champ is expected to have a 1 month bid before losing to a heel?
  20. HHH needs to be champ
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