News Guess which woman has the most wins in the Women’s Evolution era

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    It’s been three years since Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and then NXT Women’s Champ Sasha Banks showed up on Raw. That show kickstarted what was then called the Divas’ Revolution. WWE’s since rebranded it the Women’s Evolution, but fans have been debating which wrestlers on the company’s women’s roster have been treated fairly and booked properly ever since.

    Into that discussion, they’re marking the anniversary with a video running down which Superstars have compiled the most wins on television and pay-per-view (PPV) since July 13, 2015.

    It might be most notable for who isn’t even mentioned - current Raw Women’s Titleholder Alexa Bliss. While Bliss was only on the main roster for roughly two of the years considered since she was promoted from NXT in the 2016 brand split draft, she’s actually been on the main roster as long as Nia Jax and longer than Bayley. But they’re both on here.

    As a cowardly heel character, The Goddess doesn’t wrestle as much as The Four Horsewomen, or get as many squashes to establish her as an Irresistable Force like Nia. She relies on microphone time to appear dominant, and a ranking of screen time would likely produce a different list.

    We’ll have to wait for someone to create those standings. In the meantime, here’s WWE’s for the “5 winningest Superstars of the Women’s Evolution era”:

    5. Nia Jax - 41 wins
    4. Bayley - 42
    3. Becky Lynch - 45
    2. Charlotte Flair - 56
    1. Sasha Banks - 58


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