Guess who WWE wants to send back to rehab

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Bet you thought it was Sunny.

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  2. Too bad. What a waste of a great talent. :downer:
  3. Not surprised. :sad:
  4. Damn Scott Hall, you must love the bagels they have or what not, ain't no way that you do this for the fun of it.
  5. I almost think Hall would just be better off dead at this point.
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  6. If he cleans him self up finally (doubtful), I'm sure Vince would let him have some TV time like Slaughter and Piper do once in a while. It would be nice to see him back on WWE TV clean and sober. Even if it would just be an inspiration to people with similar problems.
  7. Sad as it is to say you have a point. Instead of torturing himself and his family this way.
  8. Hall is beyond saving at this point, it's sad.
  9. Dammit, Hall.. Get your shit together, man..:sad:
  10. After watching that thing on him a few years ago, I am not surprised.
    I wanted to cry when I watched it though. So depressing and sad.
    :sad: :downer:

  11. Scott Hall is a lost cause
  12. As much as I respect him as a wrestler, I however feel like it is a lost cause with him.
  13. Thanks for the share, Britta. Never saw the full thing.

    Very emotional vid.
  14. His son looks huge, I wonder if he'll be good enough to make a career out of it.
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