Guessing the end of PG

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dat Kid, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. i found this interesting. Whoever made this had some interesting points, If you don't feel like watching the video he basically said the PG era would end by next year because their advertising partners contracts are up that year. Ratings have dropped since 02' so he doubts Vince will resign them.

    I agree with this guy. Not only for those reasons but the fact that Linda's campaign takes place before that (cross our fingers for her losing). I'm starting to see WWE lean out of PG as of late. CM Punk's increased violence & possible blading. As well as Cena cursing and criticizing the era. These seem like small once in a while things, but they've happened relatively close to each other.

    Do you guys think the PG era will end or is Ronald McDonald going to be the next celebrity guest with Dora the Explorer as the social media ambassador?
  2. We already have Ronald McDonald in WWE :haha:



    Anyway, I don't really think it's likely. Seems like PG is the direction WWE wants to stay in, and even if Linda loses, she'll just try again next election.
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  3. I've said it many times here, there's no urgency for them to get rid of it. I doubt making it PG-13 is going to get other people to watch wrestling, it's going to make the people who already watch more interested in watching.

    They get more being family friendly, as kids control the wallets of their parents. Two kids who bring both their parents to a show are 4 tickets, plus concessions, plus merchandise, and probably pay per views too. If they go back to where they were, they lose a solid percentage of that. Parents are more careful on what their kids watch now than in the 90s during the Attitude Era, it's easier to put parental blocks on stuff you don't want them to watch.

    Everybody seems to think a return to the attitude era would be great anyway, but I think that was just the perfect storm coming together to be epic. WCW vs WWE was what made it amazing...they have no urgency to have a better product, which is why it stays more or less the same.

    So in my opinion, they won't end the PG era by next year. The PG era has kids watching, and everyone who bitches about it still watches, so what's the difference? Besides, Neilson ratings aren't even effected unless you have a Neilson box anyway.
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  4. Solid points, Cobalt.
  5. his predictions aren't going to com true :pity: it will be PG until human society collapses and businesses can no longer sustain themselves
  6. I disagree with him on Mae Young giving birth to a hand being a good thing, but... anyway. I don't think the PG era will end. Today's PC society along with Linda's senate run make it more profitable and a better idea for WWE to stay PG. They won't become TV-14 unless there's a good reason for them to do so.
  7. other than the severe decline of their ratings over the past years
  8. Yes, but I don't think that's enough for Vince to drop PG and appeal to TV-14 edgier programming again. TNA's still waaay behind.
  9. I heard someone bring up a good point before about changing the ratings, Vince can still change the ratings and get loads of sponsors. They can get Xbox to sponsor, PS3, and many others since WWE is watched by millions and millions world wide. Although it is smarter to keep it at PG too since the whole parents come along with the kids thing and they sell more tickets that way.
  10. I think it's unrealistic to believe that anyone would make their children stop watching wrestling because the rating changed from TV-PG to TV-14. I realize that's what demographics can lead you to believe but that's not how parenting actually works. Any parent that may actually care about the rating is already not letting their kid watch wrestling because of the violence and because of the things they may remember seeing or hearing about from the "Attitude" Era.
  11. There's two ways to look at this. Yeah, the ratings have gotten a lot worse, but at the same time those sponsorships probably pay millions. There's also no guaranteed bet that making it a maturer rating again will lift the ratings that much or at all. Also, what if Linda doesn't get voted in and wants to try again? Can you imagine the criticism she'd get with it being its old self again?

    As it's a business sadly, they'll go the way that makes the most money and what's less of a risk. I'm not a business guy or anything, but I'm guessing those sponsorships they have are making them a fortune and making up for the substantial ratings, and it's a much less risk resigning with them rather than putting in loads of violence again and hoping that it'll rise.
  12. My mom is like that actually, she doesn't mind my siblings watching wrestling now that it's PG, but she didn't want me watching stuff from the Attitude era when I was a kid, so yeah there are actually parents like that.
  13. Same here, when I was a kiddo I'd have to watch WWF sneakingly and shit or mommy would get upset and whatnot (I mean think about it, back there there were middle fingers, half naked women, 'crude' adult humor, blood etc.. the kinda shit parents don't want kids to watch).

    But now, she has no problem with my siblings watching it since there is almost nothing to complain about, WWE is squeaky clean nowadays and in a PC world, it is definitely beneficial to keep it that way. Some edginess and rawness here and there is fine, but if they go full on 'attitude era' I don't think it would be as successful in this new generation.
  14. And it's not such a bad thing either, since in the Attitude era everything was just set to segments being great and funny and rebel like, with doing things others wouldn't do, and with them focusing on that, it kind of made a lot of matches poor. It had good wrestling, but that's about it, they needed a fair balance like what they achieved after the attitude era was finished. So I really don't miss all that stuff, I just want good wrestling back, and I'm sure they can do good promos and make it PG clean, just look at Punk/Foley, it was great.
  15. Well I guess I had a terrible upbringing :haha:
    I saw all that shit when I was in Pre-K


    I'm not saying they have to put a load of violence, but there has to be some sort of compromise. Let's get a few hardcore matches every once in a while, aside from PPV's. Let's not cripple promos by censoring everything. There doesn't have to be blood or exuberant cursing.

    Another idea is if they brought back the War Zone hour which held the more mature part of the show around the 11 o' clock hour (est).
  16. The Summer of Punk drew viewers, didn't it? Plenty of people stopped watching wrestling because WWE has gotten lazy and complacent, not because of PG. There are plenty of ways to make the product interesting again without having to re-visit the AE...

    Honestly, with the way culture has changed, I'm not sure how much the "edgyness" of the AE would draw, but making the product interesting will. I'd rather see WWE try a 2009-era ROH thing, where you showcase the best athletes putting on the best matches possible (they did that in the Ruthless Aggression era to an extent) and that will draw.
  17. He made this video in Feb 2012 so by his logic the PG era ends in February. No chance. Lol.
  18. Not only that, there isn't a chance in hell until Linda loses and calls time on her failed political career.
  19. There's a massive chance she loses but I'm not sure if she'll call time on her career.
  20. Two failed runs costing her at least $10m? If she doesn't, she's stupid.

    The other candidates have too much ammunition against her... The whole drugs in WWF scandal, losing jobs and killing people early etc.
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