Guilty Pleasures (Movies)

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  1. Do you have a movie that you like and everyone else hates....your "guilty pleasure". Feel free to share your guilty pleasures in this thread! Maybe you are a big fan of M. Night Shamalamadingdong's recent movies like Avatar: The Last Airbender and After Earth or some shit like that.
    One of my guilty pleasures is the movie "Batman: Under The Red Hood" which alot of people I know don't like....but I'm a big fan of that kind of shit lol.
  2. Rugrats The Movie
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  3. I just watched that last night with my lil brothers...
  4. I know big bro, I know.
  5. I only watched Under the Red Hood to see Robin die in the beginning,
  6. I think the reason I like Batman: Under The Red Hood is because of the Red Hood. He is such a damn beast. I'm glad that Joker kills Robin in the beginning.
  7. The Brave Little Toaster

  8. I love the voice work on the Joker, my favourite portrayal.
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  9. John DiMaggio does good as The Joker but no one can surpass Mark Hamill as the Joker...because...Mark Hamill is the Joker!
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  10. Inb4LedgerFanBoys

    Seriously Hamill is fantastic but I prefer DiMaggio, might be because he's only been a short time joker.
  11. Holes. Just cause it's Disney.

  12. seconded
  13. Con Air, The Warriors.
  14. Training day and the usual suspects.
  15. :harvey:

    You dun goofed right there.
  16. The usual day and training suspects?
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