News Gulak says he’s still wrestling Styles on SmackDown ‘as far as I know’

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WWE has reshuffled its taping schedule several times over the past couple weeks, reportedly due to a COVID-19 outbreak at their Orlando Performance Center where they’ve been taping since the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible for them to tour.

SmackDown last Friday (June 26) was particularly affected, as none of the matches or segments announced during the week leading up the broadcast actually happened. That was due to the fact the WWE’s initial COVID testing forced them to tape the show in the afternoon before it aired, then additional cases forced more testing. By the time they filmed, they were either still awaiting test results, or had already learned who’s were positive.

One match nixed from the card was Intercontinental champion AJ Styles vs. Drew Gulak. Daniel Bryan’s training partner pinned Styles before he beat Bryan for the belt. Is that still on?

According to Gulak, it is. Probably. Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated asked the Philadelphia Stretcher is he took a COVID test, if it cleared him, and if the Styles was happening on July 3.

“I did, and it did. As yes, as far as I know, the match is on.”
Well, that’s some good news I guess.

This and next week’s episodes of SmackDown are supposed to tape July 2.

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