Gunner Comments on Tonight's FEAST or FIRED Match!

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Mar 28, 2015.

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    Tonight, one of the most intimidating matches in TNA history goes down: FEAST or FIRED. 12 Superstars enter this match, 4 leave with briefcases. From those briefcases, 3 Superstars will earn title shots for TNA World Championships and one person will be fired. One person's career in TNA will be finished after tonight - for good.

    All week, we've been speaking to the TNA Superstars entering the match and finding out why they would risk it all. One man with retribution on his mind is Gunner. The world watched as Gunner retrieved the World Heavyweight Championship briefcase and then watched as his former friend, James Storm, robbed him of the World Title. We caught up with Gunner this morning to get his final thoughts before tonight's match!

    "Feast or Fired... Tonight. 2014 was, perhaps, the biggest year of my career so far. I earned a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship; the biggest prize in this industry. But I was robbed by a jealous cowboy, James Storm. Tonight, I will climb that mountain one more time and that World Title will be mine."

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