Gunner takes marks very seriously

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Roadster, Sep 10, 2015.

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    What a dweeb. Talk about an overreaction. You damn near kill a guy because he criticized how you slap near-naked men around? Get grip.
  2. kick in chest = nearly kill ?
  3. Can't the dude charge for assault? Also, who tf cares what others think of your work. (Unless they veterans)
  4. Yes. A hard enough kick can cause trauma, damage to the heart muscles, lung tissue etc. I doubt it was nearly this intense but that's why I said 'nearly'.
  5. So you know that Gunner penalty kicked him or something?
  6. What?
  7. You said "a hard enough kick can cause trauma". Do you know how hard Gunner kicked the guy?

    I think this is very over played. Gunner is a guy with good rep in the business. So if this went down there are probably reason for it.
  8. No ones reported the death or serious injury of the guy. So I can infer that it wasn't that hard. Until they do, well that's a different story.
  9. If Gunner kicked him because of that particular chant, then he is a turd.
  10. No need to kick fans, really.
  11. Where is Murphy?
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  12. someone tied his shoelaces together.
  13. Gunner's side of the story, from his Facebook

    I like that name, Gunski.
  14. So, he just shoved him back, but didn't actually kick him. lol
    Better call Saul, Gunski.

    All joking aside, if a video of the incident surfaces, then we'll be able to judge who was right or wrong.
  15. Gunner's a good worker and I really enjoyed him in TNA. His look was great, and had some good wrestling abilities. He ran with that intense gimmick really well and did some great stuff in Early 2014 with James Storm and even greater stuff as a TNA World Champion contender later that year. But wrestlers shouldn't never put their hands on a fan and vice versa. It's a dick move on either side of the situation. Whether it's because he typed some shit about him or another reason that isn't really explained in Gunner's post, it should never happen. Unless the fan intentionally provoked Gunner in a way that could've endangered him or others.
  16. There are boundaries for a reason. If someone oversteps them, they should be prepared for consequences. From the sound of it, the guy walked away. If so, he is lucky if he didn't get arrested. Just because Wrestlers are in ring, doesn't mean they will accept you invading their space. If you are a customer and i'm behind the bar, is it my fault for kicking you out after you pour your own beer?
  17. What Aids said is right. Don't get into the wrestlers space. Back in the day you truly got an ass kicking for doing that. Look no further than the NWO formation where a guy tries to get in the ring but eats kicks to the skull from Nash/Hall.
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  18. I hope a video surfaces and we truly find out what really went down.

    If Gunski kicked the fan ONLY because of the "Dixie's reject" chant, then Gunski is Dumbski. He should've just ignored it.

    But, if Gunski kicked the fan because he got into his space and was flipping the bird, then I approve.

    I mean, look at that idiot throwing the MITB briefcase at Roman Reigns. Reigns should've kicked his ass.
  19. Idk if the fan was up in Gunners face, then he deserved to get shoved. But the way it was written in the OP seemed like the fan was the victim.
  20. Seems like maybe he was trying to hop into the ring.
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