Gut Check Returns This Thursday (Former Tough Enough Contestant)

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  1. This is the second Knockout one if I'm correct. Also, wonder what's going to be different about the new revamped Gut Check.
  2. Did I miss something where they changed it again, or did you not see the last episode where it had been changed? Making sure I didn't miss anything, but if it's the same as how they did it last time, it's pretty cool.
  3. It's new girl vs. new girl concept this time, just like Bradley vs. Cage happened in January.
  4. And btw:

    According to OVW trainer Rip Rogers, OVW owner Danny Davis will appear on Impact this Thursday night in a Gutcheck segment. He tweeted the following:

    "OVW owner Danny Davis will be on TNA Gutcheck this Thur on Spike TV."

    This is her pic:


    :obama: @deth
  5. :robbie: :fap:
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  6. She was on NXT, she seemed pretty talented iirc but it's really hard to tell from 2-minute WWE Divas' matches.

    Hope they call her up to the main roster now just to finally get new women on the show

    It's indy star vs indy star, so they don't have to job out a new talent on their first televised appearance.
  7. OK good, I didn't miss anything then. Just chicks instead of dudes. Really, I loved it with the change last time, so hopefully it'll work out well this time, too.
  8. And poor Taeler Hendrix is still waiting in OVW to be called to the main roster.:upset:
  9. I'm an idiot and thought they stopped Gut Check again to revamp it. :facepalm: My bad.
  10. It's all good man. They've never really made anything clear with Gut Check yet, why start now? Haha.
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  11. What Rain said. No harm, no foul, etc. Plus I wasn't trying to make you look bad, I just seriously wondered if they changed it again and I had missed the announcement. lol Shit happens, man. No worries.
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  12. I approve.
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  13. Oh my brother :testify: i know this is your favorite concept.
  14. At least you know now, in my opinion it got upgraded. Two potential members, the only thing is we know it's a work, so the loser has to put on a worthy show, and come back months later most likely, which i could imagine is tough.
  15. Official preview on the website says:

    "One contestant will get an opportunity to get a spot on the roster"

    Are back on old concept now?:dawg:
  16. :hmm: Maybe they mean one out of the two competitors / contestants will get the opportunity?
  17. Waiting for Thursday night to find out, not gonna speculate anything more.:jbl:
  18. :okay: Either way, I'm stoked for Thursday. It'll be the highlight of my week even more so than usual after last night's epic fail of Raw.
  19. Yeah, it's shaping up nicely:

    - Two Knockouts matches, title and Gutcheck
    - Jeff Hardy finally returns and goes to a showdown with Bully Ray
    - "The Icon" Sting and Devon will both reveal their teams for the Lethal Lockdown match
    - The fallout from the Aces and 8s attack on Hogan
    - Robbie E is bringing "backup"

    Plus probably the usual Aries/Roode/Park/Daniels/Kazarian awesomeness, and the Chavo/Hernandez/BVD awfulness.

    +, Joey Ryan (and Morgan) will probably be back baby! :ryan1: that is, Impact is instantly better!
  20. ^ :yay: Makes me want to :fap: just thinking about it.
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