Gut Check Seminar location

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  1. TNA Wrestling has announced that they are accepting applications for a Gut Check Seminar taking place in Toledo, Ohio, on Saturday, Nov. 9, at the SeaGate Convention Centre.

    “The Gut Check Seminars have proven to be a fantastic way for undiscovered talent to get noticed,” said TNA Wrestling Executive Vice President of Television Production and Talent Relations John Gaburick. “A number of great wrestlers discovered through the Gut Check Seminars have made the TNA roster and are seen by millions of fans around the world each week on Impact Wrestling.”

    Source: Pwmania
  2. A number means 1 decent guy, Sam Shaw.
  3. Gutcheck discovered the guys like Jesse Sorensen, Crimson, Joey Ryan, Sam Shaw, Christian York, Joey Ryan, Jay Bradley, Taeler Hendrix. All good wrestlers imo.

    It's another thing most of them are gone from TNA now.
  4. Thats what I meant haha. They are all gone and he claimed they are on iMPACT lol
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  5. Will you still be in Toledo Nov 9th @Danielson ?
  6. Yeah, things are taking longer than planned. Why?
  7. Oh wow, just read the OP. Seagate center eh? That's probably a 15 min drive from where I live. Sort of surprising though. The seagate center is a pretty run down p.o.s. Anyways, I won't be attending, obviously I enjoy eating cheeseburgers and watching men wrestle half naked on tv. [​IMG]
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  8. Who doesn't?
  9. I mention it cause you should show up and tell them you're part of the segment. See if you can get into the ring.
  10. I don't exactly understand what it's about. What is it exactly? Or what's going on?
  11. They have two rookies have a match together, then judge them in the ring and decide whether or not they get a contract.
  12. Oh really? Is it like a show that will be aired on tv? Or just a convention type deal?
  13. Used to air once a month on iMPACT I believe, now it's just at road events.
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    That's cool. First time I've heard about TNA coming this way, usually just the "e" and ROH.
    The "e" uses our concert venue. Nice spot to watch wrestling. For a reference, you can watch when Batista retired(in toledo) Was at that show :woo1:

    EDIT: Yes Senhor, I marked for Bret Hart
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