Gutcheck Needs To Go Away Now

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  1. I mean, 4 of 7 Gutcheck contract winners + Joey Ryan, have been released; and televised Gutcheck is only 15 months old.

    Give "Bad Bones" John Klinger his deserved Gutcheck (he won a huge online tournament) in the near future and let it be the last one televised as it makes no sense anymore because of the obvious reasons above.

    Keep it on house shows, but away from TV.
  2. The system lost its shine when they stopped doing one freelancer vs a contracted wrestler matches in my opinion. And since they never really did anything with any winner other than Ryan it kind of never had any weight. We never got any pay off on any winner other than when a jobber was needed.

    I agree that they should keep it as a house show thing as a way to run try outs but take it off TV once the German dude gets his shot. Just phase it out. TNA needs to maybe revamp their developmental idea. Keep the relationship with OVW but maybe look at other ways to develop new stars, or just look for TV ready guys on the independents.
  3. Yeah, they should stop Gutcheck right after Bad Bones gets his chance, because if they're not able to keep these guys in OVW (or OVW as a developmental territory as a whole) nor put them in storylines soon and can't afford guys doing nothing then there's no point.
  4. TNA's whole development needs a rethink.
  5. Absolutely. It feels like a complete waste of time.

    Not only have the matches sucked (seriously, why can't you just bring in quality indy talent instead of developmental prospects?), wrestlers never debuting before being fired (was doomed from the start when Alex Silva won a contract and then never appeared... the smarks knew he was in OVW all along while the casuals had no idea what the hell happened), now it hasn't worked for your developmental system...

    And now you can't even script it right. Why have the last 4 Gutcheck match winners been turned down FIRST? It makes no sense. Winning the match is a negative and winning the contract is pointless. Go away.
  6. It's a waste of time televising them because you won't see them in TNA for months. Announce who won in the site and make the matches and GutCheck decision in house shows as Test said.
  7. This might be off-topic, but "kudos" to TNA for "rewarding" the talents for improving, like Crimson, Alex Silva & Matt Morgan.

  8. Welcome to Gutcheck! Where you can win a contract then have the honors of being fired!! :yay:
  9. Welcome to Gutcheck and see the crap you've never seen before hosted by the piece of crap himself *obviously* Jeremy Borash himself!
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  10. Welcome to Gutcheck and get fired as Raw GM!
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