News Gutcheck Winner Lei'D Tapa Addresses TNA Status

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    In an interview with Pipebomb Radio, Gut Check winner Lei’D Tapa confirmed that she is signed to a developmental deal with TNA. She is scheduled to report to OVW shortly.

    "TNA gave me a developmental deal. They want me to go down and work in OVW, so I’m excited to do that. I’ll be going there, actually, in two weeks. From there, whenever they are ready to get me into the storylines, I’m ready to go."

    Good call, she should spean a good year there.
  2. Hate her. Velez should have been won!
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  3. TNA already has a lot of wrestlers like Velez but they are lacking a power/monster woman like Tapa. Hell, WWE has both Kaitlyn and Tamina to fill the role. TNA only has ODB and she seems to be moving towards becoming the knockouts ref.

    Velez is also a bit of a cry baby, watch her season of tough enough.
  4. Didn't watch her at tough enough but she has a good mma styles, she is technical. She was a bit different actually.
  5. Still can't believe she's a woman :robbie:
  6. But she looks and acts as any other female wrestler on TV. Just look at her few NXT and FCW matches on youtube.
    She has a major attitude problem that got her released from WWE. She didn't want to put in work so they cut her off.