News Guy behind Montreal Screwjob

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  1. :smirk2:

    For anyone, wanting to get to the point.
    Woah! This makes perfect sense! I would've knew a guy managing a no name DV territory had such a big say and impact in the WWF!!! And who isn't gonna buy that greatly titled book?
  2. Kenny Bolin of all people? :lol1: That's actually funny.
  3. I love his book title. Who wouldn't want to be screwed by such a manly musk?
  4. Kenny Bolin and Jim Cornette have had friendly back-and-forth banter with each other for years, so I wouldn't put too much into this.

    Everyone from Cornette to Russo to HHH to now even Bolin himself has taken credit for the screwjob at some point lol.
  5. Oh-kay. Waiting for Bret's reaction to this...
  6. 4/10 hoax :4/10:
  7. I love how he replies to every comment.
  8. To his credit, the guys he's trained and managed is pretty impressive. But he's still pretty full of himself.
  9. JC took credit for it? I remember him vehemently denying it in some shoot, although he may have taken credit for it earlier.
    And yeah, Bolin and Cornette have some great worked "debate" on YT somewhere that's pretty fun indeed so I wouldn't take this seriously.
  10. That Jonathan?
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  11. He didn't really take boastful credit for it, but he said he was frustrated with Vince and everyone else trying to figure out a finish for the match, and he eventually just blurted out to "double-cross him if you have to." Skip to 1:57 here:

  12. Ah, I see. Well, I just found the interview here where he talks about it that I had in my mind:

    And around 3:25 he says he did pitch a Shamrock double-cross thing as a joke or something (also bashing Russo in the process obv) so I guess Vince may have based it off of that but the whole thing wasn't really on him.
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