Guys on the roster who are screwed up beyond repair

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    What guys on the roster do you guys see as being simply unpushable? What characters simply have too much damage to them, and it would take a miracle (or maybe a pipebomb) for the crowd to take them seriously?
  2. Hornswoggle is the easy choice. Santino maybe. Yoshi tatsu.
  3. Jinder Mahal I mean come on..
  4. Santino is over with the fans, every time he almost wins the big one the crowd goes nuts. If he ever did I'm sure he would have a nice run even though he is a comedy character.

    I agree with Tatsu and if we were going by what the OP said he's fucked because he doesn't know enough english to do a "pipebomb", maybe if he said it in japanese he'd be over with that crowd :haha:

    I think Primo & Epico are screwed beyond repair. I can't see either getting pushed anytime soon. They're excellent ring workers, but i'm not sure about their mic skills, plus they're in the tag division.

    Ryder might be another one in terms of WWE just not knowing how to use him.
  5. Wade Barrett, he's had so many false dawns even I've lost some of my fanboyism for him. He made Raw his show literally weeks after his debut, he hung with Cena and a sober Roddy Piper.

    He has the presence to be a star, he has the look to be a star and he has the ability to be a star but instead he's floating around in midcard obscurity occasionally getting kicked in the balls by half of the roster. They took the easiest booking decision they could wish for and fucked it up, now he's going to be a huge task to make credible again. Perhaps beyond repair is hyperbole but as no-one is impossible to build I'll say Wade is the biggest concern.
  6. Khali. Tatsu. Mahal & Hornswoggle, maybe sin cara
  7. Sin Cara is a big possibility. I'd say Kane, but the thing is that the only thing that's screwed up for him these days is being taken seriously as a monster in the upper reaches of the card, other than that he's fine.
  8. I completely forgot about :otunga: and the son of curt hennig, plus jtg
  9. Yeah, I like Joe. Really wish they'd do something with him. But I don't think he's screwed beyond repair.
  10. I'm not sure if Michael Mcgillicsoifnsoins;ofeistty is on that list. Yeah he hasn't done anything for a long time, but he hasn't been taking Ryback squashes or been beaten down by Sin Cara or any of that foolishness, they just wrote the guy off TV. They can probably bring him back when he's ready, whether or not they will is a different story.

    Seabs, man... Haven't the times changed for Wade Barrett... He's lost his spark imo, maybe he'll show effort when they put effort behind him (WWE's Samoa Joe?).

    What about Hunico? The last time he was seen (other than jobbing to Sin Cara countless times) he was Tadpole Splashed into oblivion... think taking any Hornswoggle finisher is the ultimate burial.
  11. I think Hunico is injured.
  12. He is indeed, just wondering if he's on this little list.
  13. Oh. Yeah, probably.
  14. sorry I forgot about Hunico, he definitely has good in-ring skills and mic skills plus his look is unique compared to other wwe guys
  15. I think Wade Barrett is far too talented to put him in the "beyond repair" pile right now, regardless of how frequent WWE has screwed up with him.
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  16. You could probably argue that with a lot of guys, my mine gripe is they've made it so much more difficult for themselves. They had the number 1 heel for years to come in their hands but they blew it to keep the title on Orton, sure Randy was hot at the time but he dropped it to the bloody Miz the night after. I love Miz but it was Wade's time, if you want Miz in the mainevent of Wrestlemania have him cash in the MITB on Wade after EC, Cena ends up winning the chamber match, Barrett defends again Orton who's spot in the EC is taken by Miz (you could have him say he wants to prove to everyone who doubts him he can mainevent WM that way and keep the case as collateral). Miz cashes in on Barrett then you run the triple threat at Mania, it's not the blow off Cena / Wade needed but it's better than what we got on two fronts IMO.
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  17. Couldn't agree more. Anyone who is remotely a fan of wrestling knew Barrett was the top heel of the company if pushed properly. The guy had all the momentum in the world when leading the Nexus, and he pretty much single-handedly carried that group of rookies into a main-event looking stable. Hanging in there with Cena & Piper and getting the amount of serious heat he got isn't easy, and it's remarkable how even WWE managed to screw it up.

    However, because of the talent just mentioned, he can get out of it. A 6 month lay off while getting repackaged with a huge story behind him is enough for him to be the new HHH-type heel we all know he can be.
  18. :obama: remember the fight club vignettes? Why they didn't run with that I'll never know, the guy just looks like money IMO.
  19. Thought they were dope, but he returned as the same looking dude (oily and nothing different) who just threw more punches in a match than anything else which inevitably bored the crowd even more.

    To get him over, give him a mic every single week with something interesting behind him. He is one of the best talkers there. Barrett isn't going to get heat or any reaction by his wrestling ability, let's be honest.
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