Guys to carry Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Most of us agree that Smackdown is the show to build and focus on new stars. For that to be done these new guys must be allowed time to grow. With guys like Bryan, Sheamus, Orton and Big Show being on RAW every week they might as well be RAW superstars and Rhodes has even been discussed moving to RAW full time this is the perfect time to let new or younger guys get room to shine and prove that they can carry the B-show.

    Here are some of my picks with short explanations.

    Tyson Kidd - Dude is one of the best ring workers in the WWE and anyone who follows NXT and Superstars knows that he has really evolved on the microphone and charisma wise. NXT airs before Smackdown, a show normally not known for crowds that are physically active. Yet watch a episode of NXT where Tyson has a match and you can see large parts of the crowd waving their arms, standing up and getting involved when Kidd goes in the ring cause they know he will give them a great match.

    Alex Riley - The guy has everything a WWE superstar needs, charisma, mic skills and ring skills that have evolved over his time on NXT and Superstars. He just needs something to work off.

    McGillicutty - For every good face there has to be a good heel. Tysons nemesis on NXT and Superstars has been the son of Mr Perfect and they mix together so well. The perfect son has a considerable size advantage over Kidd and a look that screams aggressive heel. Yet despite his size he has great ring skills and his heel charisma is good as well. Bring the Kidd v McGillicutty feud up to Smackdown and you will after two or three weeks of the showing their stuff have lively Smackdown crowds. At least for their matches.

    Hunico - Hunico according to me is WWE's solution to the next big Latino star. Guy is good on the mic with room for improvement. Has a great ring style and I enjoyed his feud with Dibiase immensely despite the small room it got to grow. Give Hunico room to grow and you could have your next Eddie G.

    Ted Dibiase - Dibiase is also underrated. He has good bordering on great ring skills and as shown by his faceturn good face charisma. Crowds actually came alive for the son of the man who could buy anything and any one once he stepped out of his fathers shadow and became his own.

    These guys are just my first draft. I'll most likely post more guys like Darren Young and O'neil and others later but I don't want the post getting too long.

    Discuss people! Who could lead Smackdown in the future.
  2. It's up to Vince to build them up so they can carry the show. But in the meantime, they have hornswaggle. :dawg:
  3. Kidd, awesome talent. Should be IC soon.
    Riley, I love this guy, can't understand that they keep him on Superstars. (Wasn't even on NXT or Superstars this week)
    Hunico, great talent, good as a heel.
    Barrett, mic skills, good wrestlers, etc..
    McIntyre, I feel this guy, they need to give him more TV time.
    McGillicutty, he needs some kind of change in his gimmick, I like him, but I can't feel his character, hope to see changes.
    DiBiase, Million Dollar Son, too bad about his injuries, hope he will recover soon and get back in the ring.
  4. Kidd also works as the underdog styled character since he is rather small compared to most guys. The small guy with good charisma and borderline legendary ring skills.
  5. Although he lost, I enjoyed his match against Tensai.
  6. Riley is the gem there. He has the mic skills as a heel to be incredible.
  7. Whats a gem Crayo?
  8. I'd probably like McGillicutty if his name wasnt so annoying to me :/

    I definitely think Riley would be great as a top guy on smackdown.
  9. Those are great picks. Kidd is a great, great ring worker. He's shown good mic skills and charisma lately. He deserves TV time. Riley seems to be the guy WWE really likes, mic, charisma, looks, but I don't think they trust him in the ring. They should let Hennig wrestle under his real name, it's easier to get behind and to hate. He's a great heel, a good ring worker and his feud with Kidd... :gusta:

    Hunico too, is a good flyer and mic worker. DiBiase makes a good face, he can work well. Along with McIntyre, Barrett... lots of great wrestlers with great potential. Now WWE has to use them.
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