Guys !!! Who is " Eric Darkside " ?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Joseph86, Mar 17, 2016.

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  1. I did a search and idk but this was a good find
  2. Eric Darkside = Eric Darkstorm?
  3. I am not sure but I thought it was worth sharing the promo regardless. lol
  4. Thought this was Taker's bagstage kliq, don't think this belongs in the WWE section.
    Seen it before. Always down to re-watch a Mox promo, though.
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  5. 1. This is an indy specific thread. So I'm moving it there.

    2. The Crew were a faction that worked various east coast and mid west independent shows.

    3. Eric Darkstorm and Darkside are not the same person.

    4. Darkside sucks
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  6. LOL at Sami Callihan just lying there.
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  7. I found him! Stopspot is Eric! :xanth:
  8. Nice try, Eric. But you ain't shifting the blame on to me.
  9. It is okay Darkspot, we'll keep your secret.
  10. Go home, Darktune. You're drunk
  11. Stopside needs a hug. :21-1:
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