Guys With Great Chemistry

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  1. Just to name a few, Bryan and Punk, Punk and Cena and Cesaro and Zayn.
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    Ziggler and ADR, Dean Ambrose and Christian.
  3. Ziggler and ADR
    Ambrose and Bryan
    Jericho and Punk
    Cesaro and just about everyone
  4. Personally not so sold on the chemistry of Bryan and Ambrose. Their Smackdown match was okay. But their old outings in DGUSA was horrible so I have a bad taste in my mouth when they wrestle.
    Ambrose does seem to have some good chemistry with Kofi though. All their matches leading up to Ambrose winning the belt were enjoyable. Ambrose's style seems suited to take down high flyers.
  5. Rollins and Bryan.
    Sheamus and Bryan.
    ADR and Ziggler
    Ziggler and Kofi
  6. Aries and Roode
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  7. Shit I definitely forgot Sheamus and Bryan. Sheamus is good with a few people.
  8. I think John Cena and CM Punk have better chemistry with each other than any other two people on the current roster that I've seen yet. They are perfect antagonists for one another. Heyman described Punk as the Joker to Cena's Batman on the Greatest Rivalries DVD.
  9. Sheamus with guys who can work stiff/hard hitting. Sheamus is one tough son of a bitch so him in hard hitting matches tend to be the best. Bryan is a good example since he can work stiff, same with Cesaro. I'd imagine a match between Sheamus and a motivated Ohno would be good.
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  10. Christian and Orton have amazing chemistry. Also Punk and Cena as well. I believe HBK and Taker have it too.
  11. I thought their match at Way of the Ronin was alright,they also put on a good showing at a WWE house show,most of that match is on YouTube. I agree that Ambrose works well with high flyers,his matches with Kofi were good like you said as well as his matches with Rollins. Another guy he's good with is Sandow,they sorta had a mini series in FCW which I thought was quite well.
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  12. Orton and Cena
  13. Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan, Big Show and Sheamus too.
  14. Bryan Punk, Cena punk, Bryan Rollins, Cesaro (Insert any wrestler here) ROH guys pretty much
  15. Hart/Michaels
  16. The best for me will always be Bret Hart & HBK. For a long time, the hate they had for each other was real.
    CM Punk & D-Bry also are quite good together. To me, they are like the new HBK & Bret Hart of the company. CM Punk would be like Shawn... Always crying, demanding stuff, ect. & D-Bry like Bret... Not getting enough recognition. I hope to see a huge feud between them in the near future.
  17. Edge and Orton always had wonderful chemisty. Whether they were feuding or teaming up in Rated-RKO it was always a joy behold.
  18. Foley/Taker
  19. I've always found Jericho and Punk to work pretty poorly together. Their matches at WM and at Payback were pretty underwhelming given the two guys involved.
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