Guys you like that aren't talked about in the IWC?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nickelodeon, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. Pretty self explanatory. What are some guys that you like that aren't revered by the IWC? It could be people that a majority of us hate, or a guy who just doesn't get talked about. Discuss

    Idk, probably cuz I used to piss my pants in smackdown 2, but I always loved him. His entrance and theme were good enough alone for me.

    Taka Michinoku:
    I've always loved this guy because he was one of my grandmas favorites. Idk, for a high flyer I very rarely saw him botch. Which leads me to another point. I love high flyers, yet the entire IWC is like "lol stupid spot monkey". Wtf? This guy was entertaining in the ring and was a good technician along with his high flyer ability. Not every high flyer is a "spot monkey"

    Rookie eliminates the Undertaker. Then he beats him for the hardcore title. What a start he had even though the Undertsker was pounding this guy week in and week out. His drop kick >. I've always loved him, and I feel his career just ended so abruptly. He was actually pretty over during 2002 an then again in 2004. Could've made a great upper mid carder IMO.
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  2. Nice list. I liked Gangrels blood spitting gag back in the day.

    Michinoku will be cemented in my mind with the phrase "Indeed" forever

    Maven, eh. Don't miss him.

    What was the guy's name who was like Bobby Lashley, but came before him? I think his career was cut short by injuries.
  3. Ryback.
  4. CM Punk :jeritroll:

    Seriously, though, Rey Mysterio. I love Rey Rey and I marked like a bitch when he won the rumble from number fucking one. Most other people seem to have a problem with him.
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