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  1. I'm hot don't touch me.

  2. Oh I get it, Magma :emoji_wink:

    Welcome to the forum man, where did you find us? :emoji_slight_smile:

    Got any favourite wrestlers?

  3. Kane.

    Idk i just came out of nowhere.
  4. Lol Google? In the other thread you said Pokemon community, I'm baffled.

  5. Whatever i am not the newest user here am i? xD
  6. I'm confused but welcome anyway, try not to burn out too quick I guess.
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  7. Thank you ARE YOU A JEFF HARDY FAN?!?

  8. Yeah I am.

  9. I'm burning out.
  10. Last Known IP: Magma
    Last Known IP: Zamorakian

    Thread closed. Account will be banned.

    Zamo explain your actions on your other acc.
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