Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. The past few years, some wrestlers got their hair cut off... It had me thinking. I would like to see others do the same to see what it looks like. Also, what some (that have short hair) would look like with longer hair.

    Who are some current wrestlers you would like to see with shorter/longer hair?

    I would love to see Mark Henry with an afro.
    Daniel Bryan with a pony tail.
    Ziggler with longer hair.
    Heath Slater with a buzz cut.
  2. Jericho needs to bring back the long hair.
  3. LION TAMER! :angry: :gusta:
  4. Ryback with a Road Warrior Hawk 'do
  5. Ryback with a mullet!
  6. And Cena with Tanahasi hair while we are at it.
  7. :willis:

    Mark Henry could get one but he'd look like Daryl from the office aka the black guy in Hot Tub Time Machine
  8. Sheamus with long hair.
  9. DB with a pony tail? Awww hell naw. I'd like to see swagger get a Big Boy haircut.
  10. mcmahon bald again :haha: :troll:

  11. Undertaker with his Long Hair AGAIN!
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