Half Of The U.S. Is Now In A Drought

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    It's now just as likely for an area of the U.S. to be in drought as not.
    This drought map showing which half of the country is currently in drought and by how much was put together by the U.S. National Drought Monitor, who points out that not only is the scale unusual, it's also the severity.
    15% of the country is in the middle of an extreme to an exceptional drought (all those scary red splotches you see on the map), including California, where the entire state is currently affected.
    But the severity of this year's drought isn't the only problem — it's also the droughts from the previous years and the years to come. The effects can easily compound from year to year, an issue that is becoming steadily more apparent in the Midwestern Plains and the Southwest.



  2. "The whole world goes to Hell?"
    "The world will become Hell!"

    -- The Golden Child


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  3. Yet another reason to love Ohio. People need to stop dogging this state. lolol
    Actually, we have been getting flood warnings. It is suposta be cooler than average this summer with a crap ton of rain and tropic storms. That is the case for most of the East coast. The West, however... It is going to be very hot and dry. Problems will arise with hurricanes and tornadoes soon enough. I'm no weather expert, but I have a feeling this summer is going to be bad for a lot of people on the West coast and in Tornado Valley.

    This is no where near as bad as the end times. You will know when that is going down. You wont be sitting comfortably behind your computer, I can tell you that much! lol
  4. It's been raining for two weeks straight here.


  5. Natural weather, yes. Not weather influenced by man. #PresidentZeusObama lolol I kid.
    You live in Canada. The worst you guys get is tons of snow. Ohio has similar weather.
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  6. We had more snow this last winter then we've had in over ten years. Shit happens, life goes on. There are documented draughts dated back to biblical times. Cyclical, it's all cyclical.
  7. I say the same for the "going green" garbage to save the world. I think the world can handle itself just fine. All people do is f it up. lol People freak out with highs and lows, "breaking records" and such but I agree, the weather always shifts up and down so there really isn't any normal weather pattern. The problems come from man made garbage effecting the system. They didn't have all this technology back in biblical times. That is what worries me.
  8. The earth will be around a lot longer than the human race will. Eventually disease or nuclear war will wipe us out long before the sun burns out.
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  9. I'm not worried about the sun burning out... I am worried about witnessing the living creatures and people on the earth suffering enormous amounts of disease and death. I don't wanna see that! :upset:
  10. Or we'll already have moved onto a new planet or built our own space colony to live in long before then. I'm still upset there's no houses or hotels in outer space yet, like the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey promised us there would be by now.
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  11. They lied to us all. Lets show them. Quick! TO NASA! STEAL THE SPACE STATION!!!! :angry:
  12. The space station is owned by the Russians, not NASA.
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  13. Merica public schools :obama:

  14. Lol I was kidding. It's called the international space station. It involves many countries :lol1:

  15. :shock::hmm::annoyed::angry::why::sad::gtfo:
  16. Don't kill my hopes please.
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  17. Grow some balls :pity1:
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  18. Yeah, this isn't going to happen unless you're an extremely wealthy white man.
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  19. Which I shall be one day, no doubt. :sandow:
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  20. Ohio took it all over the winter.. we had so much goddamn precipitation over the past several months we didn't even know what to do with a lot of it.. Would've been more than ecstatic to share some of it with the Southwest :emoji_slight_frown:
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