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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Mar 24, 2014.

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  1. A place where all things Hall of Fame can go.
  2. Cool,

    Who do you think will induct Lita?
  3. Remember when Andre was inducted into the HOF in 1993? Good times.
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  4. I found it irritating that they didn't show a single glimpse or shot of Hall's career from his WCW/NWO days in his video package. They did the same thing with Hogan back in 2005. This is technically supposed to be the Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame (the WWE being synonymous with Pro Wrestling at this point, since they own nearly all the major wrestling promotions of the past), so why keep showing only the career highlights of their time in WWE? I know he had less "stand-out moments" on his own in WCW than he did compared to his WWF run, but a passing mention that he helped jump-start the beginning of the most influential stable in history, at the very least, couldn't have hurt. But eh, whatever.

    This is a line-up of who I see inducting all the soon-to-be-Hall-of-Famers:

    Ultimate Warrior = Triple H (Hogan inducting him would make the most sense, but he'll obviously do the honors for Mr. T instead, and besides which, these two hate one another anyway. I figure HHH will do it because he's a big enough figure to warrant it, and he personally had the honor of being able to face Warrior at his first Wrestlemania... short of a match that it was.)

    Scott Hall = Kevin Nash (No explanation needed.)

    Jake Roberts = DDP (Same as above.)

    Paul Bearer = Kane (Undertaker would be the best option, but they'll likely want to continue maintaining a lot of his 'mystique' by leaving him off-screen when it comes to real-life affairs like this. I wouldn't be surprised though if after Kane gives the speech, they do some sort of stunt where the lights go out and Taker's voice comes over the arena and says something like "Paul... Rest. In. Peace." while Taker's old-school theme music plays.)

    Lita = Trish Stratus (Her greatest rival.)

    Mr. T = Hulk Hogan (They teamed together in the main event of the inaugural Wrestlemania. This one is a duh.)

    Carlos Colon = ?????
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  5. Probably Carlito and Primo to induct Carlos Colon? Makes sense as they are his sons and both have contributed to the WWE product in the past (present if you include Los Matadores).

    I agree with all of the other personnel who you suggested may induct somebody to the HOF 2014
  6. I hope CM Punk inducts Lita :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. I just want to hear the most amazing two words in professional wrestling history. Hey yo.
  8. I'd love to see CM Punk induct Warrior (although I know it won't happen).

    And Carly/Carlito to induct Carlos?

  9. There's a sucking reason it's called HALL of fame
  10. You mean Phil Brooks.

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  11. I wouldn't put it past them. It could happen since he doesn't need to under contract to do it.
  12. Is it just me or WWE induct a random SOB every year?
  13. I'm not getting the reference.

  14. What referance? I just think Carlos Calon, Mil Mascaras, Abdullah the *Killer*, Bob Armstrong and others shouldn't go in before true WWE legends
  15. The random SOB reference and now I understand what you're getting at.

    The "problem", I guess, is that WWE considers the Hall of Fame as a HoF for all of pro wrestling, not just WWE guys, so bringing in guys who are willing to sign a "Legends" contract with WWE (Carlos, Mascaras, Abdullah the Butcher, et al) who made their careers outside WWE (especially guys from the territory days or from promotions outside the continental U.S. furthers that conceit. It would be like the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown only inducting guys who had played in the Major Leagues and ignoring legendary players whose entire careers were in the Negro Leagues or elsewhere who never had a real shot at playing in the Majors.

    So, it builds credibility and a connection to, for example, Mexican fans when they can point out not only the presence of modern-day Mexican wrestling superstars as Sin Cara (the original Mistico/Incognito), Alberto Del Rio (Dos Caras, Jr.), and Rey Mysterio, Jr. (......that's the name he wrestled under in Mexico, too) that they've also inducted true Mexican legends like Gory Guerrero and Mil Mascaras into their Hall of Fame. This will be especially important if they ever, as has been widely rumored, break ground on a physical WWE/Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

  16. Not sure if this is the thread to ask, but as someone who just saw his garbage ass TNA run, what was the appeal of Scott Hall?
  17. Hall was the first real anti-hero in WWE. Razor got over big-time despite the fact that his character didn't actually change. People saw how he embraced his "dark side" and had a good time being a bad guy and, due to his enormous charisma, cheered for him, particularly during his feud over the "real Intercontinental Championship" with Shawn Michaels. The fact that the feud ended with arguably the greatest ladder match in WWE history at Wrestlemania cemented his spot in WWE lore. This is combined with the fact that he was a big, good-looking guy who knew how to work, draw heat, and work the crowd made him one of the top talents in WWE at the time (a lot of people will argue that he's the best WWE wrestler to never have won the WWE Championship).

    Then he went to WCW and formed part of the genesis of the greatest pro wrestling angle of all time. He was a huge part of the original nWo. That could be forgotten by WWE-only viewers (obviously I know you're not one of those) as his WCW exploits were completely ignored by WWE in the HoF promo. His personal story about having come through his drug and alcohol problems and has now, apparently, turned his entire life around is just an example of a truly great personal interest story.

    If you just look just at his work in WWE or just at his work in WCW, it's marginal whether he is HoF-caliber. Combining his work in both promotions, though, he's a definite guy who deserves to be there.

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  18. Even though this has nothing to do with his on-screen presence or work, it's also worth mentioning in his favor that Hall is generally regarded by those who know him as one of the best creative minds in the business. He came up with the idea for the Razor Ramon character (he claims Vince thought the character idea was "genius"), he came up with the idea for Sting's character to transform into being The Crow, and Bischoff states in his book that Hall along with Nash came up with most of the ideas for the New World Order (spray painting N-W-O on people's backs, the low-budget looking commercials with the audio skipping around, etc.) It should also be said that Hall was cutting his own promos back when guys were still allowed to come up with their own material for promos.

    Hall was also one of the people backstage along with other Kliq members like Nash and Michaels who was pushing for the WWF to go towards an edgier product at the time, something that wouldn't end up happening until Stone Cold started to come to prominence a couple of years later (ironic considering the decision was made based on the realization that a more adult, edgier product was the only way to compete with WCW, which had been made into a monster thanks to the NWO angle, of which two-thirds consisted of Hall and Nash in it's inception.)

    I'd be surprised if when HHH takes over, he doesn't hire Hall as one of his bookers, or at least occasionally seek out his input on certain things.
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  19. Part of Hall's charm is that he never ran with the strap...he never sold out
    Let me preface 'sold out' by saying there is nothing wrong with selling out.
    However, guys like Hall are stifled creatively when asked to lead the company
    He'd have to cater and water his 'dark' side down and Hall struggles with that
    Being alcoholic, I'm sure he has had struggles with his dark side

    Creative and clever people are offended by being bland. Kudos to Scott 4 keeping it classy
  20. Why do these two posts sound so perverse to me? So perverted?

    Oh, I know because of Edge. Well, In that case, maybe Edge and Trish can both 'induct' Lita on stage at the same time. A threesome isn't bad

    Benoit, Chavo and Rey all 'inducted' Eddie at the same time. That didn't turn out bad --- err, maybe necrophilia was bad

    Benoit died from it, Rey's knees died from it and Chavo's career died from it

    On second thought, Trish/Edge 'inducting' Amy on stage is a fantastic idea
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