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  1. Who do you think will be inducted in the HOF next?
  2. Razor Ramon is the last inductee for this year.
  3. The Rock to headline HoF 2015?

  4. The Rock, should he actually decide to retire from in-ring competition after his planned match with Brock Lesnar next year at Wrestlemania 31, is an obvious shoe-in for main event Hall Of Famer of 2015. There's talks of inducting Sting next year as well, granted he signs with the WWE by then. Sting was always billed as being from Venice Beach, California, and with WM being in California next year, it's sort of a fitting place to induct him.

    As far as this year is concerned, all the inductees have already been announced. And the Hall of Fame class for 2014 is already strong enough as it is without needing to add another name to it anyway. We have a former world champion and a man who was one of the biggest stars of the company back then, one of the most beloved and talented Divas of all time, two great underrated performers and characters that were world title material, a celebrity that was part of the first Wrestlemania main event, one of the great managers of all time and a guy who, despite not having the most illustrious career in the WWE, still has plenty of accolades elsewhere.
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