Hall Out Of Rehab Again

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  1. – In an update on Scott Hall, he was released from yet another WWE-sponsored rehab on March 6th. After being released, Hall went and visited the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando on March 7th. Hall son Cody, who is training to be a pro wrestler, was there as well. As of now, Scott is said to be doing well again.


    Hope Hall will be fine soon, such a shame..
  2. I end up not caring about these sort of people.
  3. I agree, but it's still a humans life. It they will do better themselves, it's better for all of us, right?
  4. I'm starting to agree with Crayo. I love Hall as a performer but how many times has he been in rehab now?
  5. Too many times, they also said that he would not live too long anymore. But still it's a life. If a life can be healed and cleaned 'till the fullest. Then I wouldn't despise him.
  6. A life is a life but he's been given so many opportunities. Addictions are difficult to kick I get that, but when someone is thrown chance after chance to change and they don't then you lose faith in them.
  7. I agree, he has been taking it too far. But still, if he fights and heals, I will respect that.
    Once again, that's the beauty about this thing called life, you will do right things, you will do bad things.
    In the end, everyone shall be forgiven. Maybe not by everyone, but still forgiven.
  8. What is he doing to fight? He's taking a trip to a rehab centre where he's treated like royalty (as all addicts are), and he's not even paying for it. Then he leaves and rinses and repeats.
  9. Addiction is a difficult thing to overcome if anyone on here has read Anthony Kiedis autobiography the lead singer of the RHCP then it's harrowing how as much as they know what they are doing is killing them and there relationships they can't help it due to the demon that they can't overcome inside. I'm not saying that I agree with the situation just that sometimes it's difficult for various reasons for people to kick there addictions.

    Regards Hall I hope he manages to kick his addiction and pull through.
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