News Hall refuses to sign card for 6 year old with brain cancer

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Dick move if true Scott. Dick move
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  2. That's odd. Probably a misunderstanding of some sort.
  3. Wow, surely Hall wouldn't refuse to sign the bloody card but then again, there's all kinds of weird shit going on this week so I don't know what to believe anymore when it comes to wrestling. The wrestling gods are messing with us, I say. My man D-Bry will probably wrestle a 30 minute match against Brock Lesnar on RAW this week. You heard it here first, lads. (Now I miss BLFFL :blackshock:)
  4. If the story is true, then it's just another reason why Scott Hall is a pitiful and pathetic human being that no one should waste any time or energy feeling sorry for.

    Bret's also stated that the Ultimate Warrior once brushed off a dying child with cancer as well.
  5. Sounds like bullshit. What would Hall's motive be lol.

    also, Hall >>>>> Fat lockard
  6. Why would he do that? Scott has to know hes in the past of star power doesn't he?
  7. Damn, what a heel.
  8. ::flicks toothpick at 6 year old::

    They call me El Jeffe
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  9. attack the point not the poster lad
  10. Goddamn people never saw this coming. He's the bad guy!
  11. Bull.Shit. This is absolutely 100% bullshit.
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