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    Silence the music I am about to speak!
    Hello everyone. I am a new member. I used to lurk around here. Today I signed up here. I have an account in the THQ WWE GAMES Forum and the 2k Sports forum. I thought why not sign-up in a forum that is dedicated to WWE Discussion? So I ended up here. I'm from India.
    My fave 5: Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Edge.
    *You're Welcome*
  2. Welcome to the forum :3
  3. Thank you :cole:


    Thank you :otunga:
  4. Says "You're welcome"
    Sandow not in top 5
    WTF :lol1:

    Anyway, welcome, dude. you'll have a great time here.
  5. Welcome my man, great choice with Edge too.
  6. Welcome to the site man. Nice choice in a fave 5 :emoji_slight_smile:.

  7. Yeah I know. Though he is not in my fave 5, I like his signature sentences like "You're Welcome.", "Silence the music I am about to speak."!
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  8. Welcome to the forums. Im sure you will have a great time here . Hope you stick around
  9. Thanks for the welcome. By the way, can someone enlighten me on whats the 'Cash' used for here?
  10. Welcome, enjoy your stay!
  11. Welcome to the forums dude, I'm sure you'll have a great time.
  12. Welcome to the forum.
  13. Thanks everyone. @Respect Gohan6425, I like your Avatar.
  14. Welcome brother dude
  15. welcome to the forums :ksi: :troll:
  16. Thanks everyone. Does anyone post WWE RAW and Smackdown Report/results here? If no one, then I may do it. Thanks, again.
  17. Hey buddy welcome to the site.

    Always good to see new ppl.
  18. ^Thanks, Cloud!
  19. Np. Also glad to see ur a Barrett fan the guy one of my faves as well.
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