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  1. So whats everyone going to be this year?
  2. Jack all. Probably giving some sweets to the kids that dare knock on my door :badass:

    Bonfire night > Halloween
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  3. Bray Wyatt.
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  4. Careful someone might get jealous!

    But awesome man! That looks cool as hell.
  5. True - but Halloween only comes once a year, bonfires can be many per year.

  6. Good point :urm:

    Yeah, should be cool. :obama:
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  7. I love that you got that joke :yes:
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  8. Probably only one dressin up going fo dat candy.

    Gonna be Mordecai from Regular Show. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. The walking dead
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  10. Undercover cop :jeritroll:
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  11. Had to look it up. So it's a bird?

  12. Yep. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. I was invited to a Halloween party, but fuck that. Going to stay in, play games, ignore my front door admirably, and eat all of the sweets.
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  14. had to check name to confirm not xanth, but then remembered he'd never get invited to a party
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  15. I probably wouldn't have any sweets in the house if I was going to ignore the door though. :bitw:

  16. Eat 'em yourself :smug:
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  17. eat the children
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  18. Myself, Its a fun role.
  19. Mum buys them and asks me to answer to keep up our good neighbour reputation. Lol. I turn all the downstairs lights off to make them think we're out, and eat alllllllll the sweets.
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