Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. No Punk, not that kind of wiener! :dawg:

    Halloween is like... what, 13 days away? I don't know. I don't celebrate it. Do any of you? What will you be doing this year on October 31st?

    Me?...Oh I'll just be sitting here watching my husband play wwe13... I pretty much lose almost all contact with him for the first few days that game comes out.
  2. Uhh, I got a coustume of Breaking Bad and will be wearing that at a party.
  3. Might go to Universals Studios :pity:
  4. I hate Halloween. I like sweets yeah, but I hate people knocking on your door.
  5. I honestly wouldn't mind passing out candy for kids. I know kids have fun that day. I remember one year my mom didnt pass out candy and people still kept knockin on the door. even though we had no decor out or no lights on. That, was annoying. lol
  6. The nerds at my school have a dress up party so my intention is to arrive donning a black top and trousers as well as a balaclava in the hope that they all go 'Wow, I don't know who this guy is but he's getting in because of the awesome costume!' then I'll steal one of their Xbox controllers to replace my broken one and none of them will know who it was.

  7. :win:
  8. I'll probably do what I did last year. Sit in the room next to the front door and shoot kids with water and make spooky noises.
  9. :yay:
  10. I almost missed the "with water" part... :haha:
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