Halo 2 Anniversary

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. @Big Boss @Aids Johnson @Shadow

    Halo 2 Anniversary and War Collection arrive November 11th, Halo 5 in 2015
    It will come as no surprise that Microsoft is planning multipleHalo game releases for the Xbox One. The first of those is expected to be Halo 2 Anniversary arriving on November 11th, which will be a 1080p game and could potentially run at 60fps (if that’s possible on the Xbox One hardware). It is being developed by the same team that did Halo Anniversary and the inclusion of multiplayer has yet to be confirmed.

    Halo 2 Anniversary will sell well regardless, but Microsoft is set to sweeten the deal by including access to the Halo 5 beta when you purchase the game. And when does Halo 5 launch? It’s going to be a 2015 game. There’s also thought to be a second version of Halo 2 Anniversary called “War Collection” will also include ports of Halo 3 and Halo 4.

    Reviewing all of the above, it looks set to be a very busy end of year for the Xbox One. We could have the option of a 1TB console, a white console, multiple special edition packs, and some key games on store shelves in time for the holidays.
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  2. Halo 2?? :yay: Will definitely buy
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  3. This might make me buy an xbox one
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  4. Eh..............
  5. :gtfo:
  6. Just..... why? Was Halo 2 really that amazing enough for everyone to freak out over it getting a HD re-release.
  7. Online was. Campaign was urrrg
  8. Fuck dat. Aren't you Canadian? Go buy Just Dance 4. All Canadians love Just Dance.
  9. Only girls. :meh:
  10. I thought you were one of those girls that have Superstar names like @BrockLesnarFanForLife except she looks like Shrek.
  11. Shrek is too much of a compliment.
  12. I would be pretty salty actually if there was no mulitiplayer.. Halo 2 multiplayer revolutionized the console FPS industry.
  13. WHAT, Potentially, this is next gen! If this doesn't run at 60FPS then whats the point of even owning at Xbone.
  14. I think i'm going to buy an xbox one...
  16. Anyone hear anything further on the Multiplayer?
    I know Microsoft has said that it needs to be fantastic but... if that means making it anything more than just what H2 MP actually was than It will be a failure automatically in my book; not as far as sales go but as far as the treatment of the series itself goes. That games legendary and the MP mode was perfect; there is no need to add any extras.

    I'm already very hesitant on Halo 5 simply because the story in H4 was so f**king pitiful that 343 barely has any faith coming from me.
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