Games Halo: The Master Chief Collection


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Jun 2, 2012
This year Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 were all packed together into a single game, as well as Halo 2 getting it's Anniversary update. Anybody else get this game? I preordered it myself and love it. Just need to finish two more mission on Halo: Combat Evolved, but it is amazing. The Matchmaking had trouble at first, expected it to, but it's running smoothly for me.

Halo 1 runs great, love that I can switch between the original and anniversary graphics at the push of a button. It's multiplayer is fun, although tapping a team mate with a warthog kills them instantly....don't try it.

Halo 2 is just beautiful. I expect this from the guys who did the cutscenes for Halo Wars, they are just breathtaking. Gameplay graphics are okay, kinda mix them up with original graphics here and there, but it looks good. Multiplayer is also amazing, graphics look much more beautiful for the anniversary multiplayer though.

Halo 3 runs smoothly and looks great. Multiplayer runs just as good as it did, if not better than it's glory days. Plus, it has all the DLC!

Halo 4 campaign runs smoothly as well, which I'm a fan of only the campaign. Haven't touched multiplayer, and probably never will unless it's for SWAT.

This is just great, wish they would have Halo Wars and/or Reach, but it's already enough that they packed all four titles into one game. Really looking forward to playing Halo 5 beta multiplayer when it comes out as well.
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