Ring of Honor Hanson & Raymond Rowe

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  1. On the most recently released taping of ROH Hanson & Raymond Rowe formed a new tag team, the two of them were the two last top prospects in the ROH Top Prospect Tourney with Hanson defeating Rowe. Honestly these guys looked pretty intimidating coming to the ring and I see them being a decent force in the ROH Tag Team picture.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    After they debuted the team with a victory against another new tag team Michael Elgin came out and addressed the two. Stating he had respect for Rowe because he came out their and answered the challenge at the 12th Anniversary and gave him a helluva match, then continued to profess his respect for Hanson because he beat Rowe in the Top Prospects Tourney. Elgin went on to declare that he had their backs and saw tag team gold in their future very soon and that in return he would like them to have his back and they easily accepted.

    I'm inclined with to agree with Elgin on this one, Hanson & Rowe are devastating forces separate and now they're combined! I can see the Tag Team gold for ROH going to them real soon, I like the creative decision by ROH on this one.
  2. I really like Rowe, Hanson is meh, but I`m pretty excited for this team, they can be a good team
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  3. Yeah I know what you're saying about Hanson, I was hoping Rowe was going to with the Top Prospect tourney.
    I'm pretty excited as well, two powerhouse fresh wrestlers teaming up will be nice to see whenever they appear on a taping.
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