Hanson vs Elgin & The Top Prospect Tournament Begins!

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  1. This week on ROH TV from Nashville!
    As the calendar turns to a new year, Ring of Honor Television ushers in 2015 from the historic Tennessee State Fairgrounds in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee.

    This week we see two Ring of Honor veterans on similar paths doing battle. We have “Mr. ROH” Roderick Strong taking on the sensei of “Redneck Kung Fu” Mark Briscoe. Roderick is emphatic in making 2015 his year, a win here could set the tone for what he promises to be is the year of Roderick Strong. Mark is not going to sit back and let his year start off on the wrong foot, looks for some fireworks in a meeting between two of the best in ROH.

    While the world celebrated the holidays, ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness was very busy. Nigel will have his plate full once again, as he gives notice on the standings in regards to who the #1 contender to the ROH World Championship is. He will also give us a long awaited update on the status of “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa.

    The time of year for the future stars of Ring of Honor is upon us. This week kicks off the prestigious Ring of Honor Top Prospect Tournament. The winner will not only receive the title of being the Top Prospect, they are also guaranteed a shot at the ROH World Television Championship.

    The first match in round 1, will see the villainous “One Man Wrecking Crew” J Diesel, led by Truth Martini facing off against someone with more heart than men twice his size, Will Ferrara. These two are no strangers to ROH fans or each other. It’s the knuckle busting of Diesel against the unmatched heart and desire of Ferrara with a chance to advance on the line.

    Proof of the impact the Top Prospect Tournament can have on Ring of Honor, the 2014 Top Prospect winner Hanson will face off with former ROH World Champion Michael Elgin in our main event. After a recent match on ROH Television in which these two monsters battled to a no contest, both wanted more and petitioned for a re-match. Elgin feels Hanson has a short memory, as it was Elgin who mentored Hanson as part of War Machine early in his ROH career. Hanson feels that Elgin is delusional and wants to shut his mouth and score the biggest win of his career. A rematch of two of the biggest and baddest in Ring of Honor starts ROH Television in 2015 with a bang!

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