Hanson vs Lethal TONIGHT on Destination America - 11/10c!

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  1. ROH airs every Wednesday at 11/10c on Destination America
    The Best Wrestling on the Planet, Ring of Honor, returns to Destination America TONIGHT at 11:00 pm eastern /10:00pm central.

    Ring of Honor Television is back this week with 60 minutes of the best pro wrestling on the planet! We come to you from the William J. Myers Pavilion in beautiful Baltimore, Maryland.

    The best 60 minutes in professional wrestling is back as Ring of Honor Television brings you an answer to The Decade calling out an ROH legend, grudge matches featuring former partners and a huge main event for the Ring of Honor World Television Championship!

    The Decades Adam Page has poked the bear! Under the guidance from The Decade’s leader BJ Whitmer, Page decided it was ok to call out former 2x ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe. Some have said this is Whitmer pulling the strings, but in the end its Page who has to sign the contract. He will have no excuses this week when the bell rings. Is Page going to MAN UP? Or will Briscoe prove to be much more than Page expected?

    Former C& C Wrestle Factory tag partners collide as Caprice Coleman takes on the man who has defeated Moose 2x in big match situations, Cedric Alexander! Caprice Coleman tried in vain to save his relationship with Cedric. Unfortunately since Veda Scott has started guiding Alexander, Cedric has been unapproachable. Cedric turned his back on Caprice, which left Caprice with no choice but to call his former partner out. Caprice is done talking and has now decided it’s time to get physical.

    “Brutal” Bob Evans takes on former partner Cheeseburger in the next stage of the on-going war between former members of Brutal Burgers. Last seen on Ring of Honor Television, both Evans and Cheeseburger where left lying in a heap as Evans side suplexed Cheeseburger through a ringside table. This time the cult favorite Cheeseburger is looking for revenge! Can Burger put Evans away or will Evans be the one to final provide an expiration date on Cheeseburger?

    Our main event features current ROH World & World Television Champion Jay Lethal defending the World Television Championship against War Machine’s Hanson. Hanson has made it known that he wanted a shot at the champion ever since he pinned Lethal at the 2014 Survival of the Fittest. While everyone is chasing a shot at Lethal’s championships, there are very few who can say they beat him to deserve a shot! Is Kyle O’Reilly’s shot at the ROH World Championship at All Star Extravaganza VII weighing heavy on Lethal’s mind? Can Hanson capitalize on Lethal’s potential distraction and become the ROH World Television Champion? Will it be Hanson defending the ROH World Television Championship against Bobby Fish at All Star Extravaganza VII? Can Hanson can do what many deem to be impossible? Or will Jay Lethal prove to be the very best the world once again this week at the expense of War Machine’s Hanson?

    Tune in and find out why, Ring of Honor television is the best wrestling on the planet, this week on Destination America

    If you’re not sure how to locate Destination America on your cable service, please use this link to find it in your area http://www.destinationamerica.com/channel-finder/

    To find out when RING OF HONOR WRESTLING airs in your area click HERE.

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