Happy 4th Year Anniversary WWEF

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by CM Punk, Dec 17, 2015.

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    It all started about 4 years ago, when one user on a hacking forum wanted to create his own forum about an industry he was passionate about. The passion has disappeared for said user, but the forum remains and is still going strong.

    @Crayo was his name, a young lad from Cornwall, England. (No one lives there)
    He created this forum to meet people that shared his love for this form of entertainment. And with that, comes a ton of responsibility. And as much as Crayo would like to think he could handle this spectacle of a forum, he needs people running the site to help maintain it.

    We had @Xanth, still have no idea what he did.
    We had @Anon, who did scripting and whatnot I believe.
    We have our now current owner @Solidus, who has had much more experience than Crayo at running a forum.
    We had @Big Hoss Rambler, who referred hundreds of users and gave us our big break.

    But not only did those people make this forum, everyone that has posted on this forum has made it what it is today. It doesn't matter if you joined from the first day or yesterday, every character that has posted it on here, has made this site. Whether it be a Lacky, a Gohan, or a BrockLesnarFanForLife, it doesn't matter. We the people made the site. And today marks the fourth year anniversary when the site was officially launched. We've come a long way, so lets keep this fire burning. (Insert Punk's old theme in here.)
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  2. That was a beautiful read.
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  3. [​IMG]
    @Rysenberg @Delik and @Lady Deathbane need some love too.

    I'd have to say, being here for almost 2 years, has been pretty cool. From the late night fuckery, to the real talk. From the wrestling discussion. To the Live Discussions. Just about everything about this forum has brought something fun. Despite not getting my damn Wrestling Junkie award. I still think this place rocks.

    It's been a blast being apart of the shit that has gone down, here. Wish I had been here since the beginning. But being here at 2 years old, wasn't half-bad. Contributing to the 998,000+ posts that this forum as accounted for, is great. Spending all this time of my life talking to geeks and dweebs about oily guys slapping each other is even greater. I don't regret, any of it.

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  4. Congrats to everyone, really. This is a great forum.
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  5. It's been fun. The FTJ banner made me laugh also.
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  6. Wow, didn't even realize today was the anniversary. Well, at least today wasn't like the one 2 years ago when half the forum quit lol

    In all seriousness, I have had some fun times on here and met some really great people that I would've never found without this great place.
  7. "Yeah, this place is pretty cool." - Pedobear, 2015
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  8. I have wasted 4 years of my life:jeritroll:
    But in all serious it has been fun, lots of laughs and intelligent banter. No regrets

    Special mention to the members that have touched my heart:
    Action Jackson
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  9. The summer of last year was the best The open letter thread, TNA/Cops LDs and late night shit was awesome. Thanks to @Danielson @GrammarNazi82 and @Snowman

    luv u bbes
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  10. Jeebak, you beautiful transvestite.
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  11. Happy anniversary to this awesome place! It's been a pleasure being here for almost 2 years.
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  12. I for one am still waiting for the Jeff Savage vs @Dolph'sZiggler PPV fight.

    Happy 4 years
  13. Lots of good stuff coming in 2016 for WWE Forums.
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  14. Sweet! Looking forward to it.
  15. Any details/sneak preview?
  16. The new theme you know about, mobile app, and more...
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  17. Nice. Good to see more change.
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    @Jacob Fox : Your views on psychology are insightful.
    @Prince Bálor: You give good advice. I hope the best for you.
    @Shadow : I respect the f*ck out of you even though we're not even tight.
    @deth : Brother from a different mother. It's all I've got.
    @The GOAT : Our debates on wrestling are legendary. Smart fella.

    I tip my glass to @seabs @Dolph'sZiggler and @Snowman . It's been almost four years knowing you guys. We may not be friends, but if I saw you on the street I'd give you my last buck.

    If I'm pandering, I don't give a sh*t. It's once a year. Thanks to @Solidus for keeping the ball rolling and to @Danielson for keeping it real. OUT.

    The new talent is killing it. @Neptune @:OPJAKE
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  19. We already have @Prince Bálor ... are you saying it gets better than that? (sorry but I had to say it).

    I joined my old forum, PWS Forums in 2003, when I ended my self imposed exile from wrestling and stayed with them until they mysteriously closed down in 2013. 10 years there... only 15 months here and I've had more fun here than I did ever on the other forum.

    This will sound corny but I really like just about everyone here, even the people who spout off about things I don't like about. Because even the people who have different opinions for the most part are respectful. And the few people I've argued with, we always seem to get over the argument the next time we see each other and get along fine. (One of the nicest people here, all we did was argue and insult each other throughout a LD when we first chatted... but afterwards, we have got along magnificently).

    The corny part is that I've seen wrestling fans come and go. There are those who begin liking wrestling hardcore and then fall out of it in a few years. I just hope you guys don't give it up (because I think we all know I'm not going to again) so I'll always get to talk to you guys about it.
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  20. Thanks :emoji_slight_smile: And pandering is fine and I always look forward to your comments which mostly come on profile posts nowadays :emoji_slight_smile:
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