Happy almost 4th of July!

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  1. [​IMG]Its that special time of year again... Where American's illegally blow off dangerous explosives in their backyards, while drunk... Some get caught, the ones who get away with it lose a thumb or two, or three (gentlemen). It's a joyful time of year... Another excuse to get drunk, to shoot bottle rockets off at your annoying neighbors car, to slap a lady... with a hotdog... so she can eat it. A time where every male over 28 suddenly thinks he is a grilling expert and catches his garages on fire... Where the fireworks are... You seen it coming. So to this, I bid you all a very, very, merry... Happy 4th of July! As for the rest of you not in the USA... You can all go suck on an American tit!

    :yes: :yes: :yes: :jericho: :yes:
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  2. 420blazeit. Really though, I agree. I'd rather not post a full thing on why it should be legalized in a 4th of July thread though. So happy America day.:happy:
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  3. Better wish me a happy 4th of July for a completely different reason... I've got something big happening tomorrow.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Something big you say? :ksi:

    No, seriously, lol what is it?
  6. Can't tell... But it;s something I've been waiting on since last November.
  7. Well hope it goes well!

  8. You getting stoned?
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  9. Eventually...
  10. [​IMG] 'Murrica:woo1:
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  11. Or in other words, just another day here in the South :otunga:
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  12. This was way more charismatic when she made this thread in the Shield......
  13. Meh probally gonna be on here, might do fireworks, or might not. Not really a exciting holiday for me.
  14. R.I.P Kingdom of Great Britain <3
  15. What's so special about 4th of July?
  16. 'murr'cn Independence Day.
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    I know :otunga:

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