Happy birthday A Double!

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  1. The GMTEL turns 35 today


    Pay your respects! :tough:
  2. If I won the lotto 649, I would pay AA 70000 a year to come change disks at my store...I pay increase from TNA. I would also allow him to take booking.
  3. Happy birthday to the greatest and the best wrestler in the world today bar none!
  4. Damn. He's old. K not really, but I always thought he was like 32 tops :emoji_grin:awg:

    Anyway, :fap:
  5. Greatness, we should change the header to mark the occasion.
  6. The true Best in the World in 2013. Disagree and I shall mock you.
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  7. Happy birthday to the greatest man that ever lived, the future TNA heavyweight champion.

    I'm actually jealous, I'd like to look as good as him now...
  8. Austin Aries>you
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  10. Happy birthday, indeed a great great wrestler.
  11. Doesn't look that old at all.
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