Happy Birthday Frank

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  1. Frank, on this the anniversary of your birth, it is with the fondest of feelings I wish to congratulate you on becoming a fine young man.
    We've had our ups and downs but you are a fine person of good moral fiber and I am sure you will accomplish your dreams if you work hard and don't give up.

    Go on young man, live long and prosper. Let the force guide you to prosperity and all such. Just keep kicking ass Frank.
    Here, have this low - resolution cake from us, the staff:
    More gifts might even come later.

    Hugs and kisses
    the staff of WWEforums
  2. Happy Birthday! I Don't know you because i'm new but, Good day :woo:

  4. please removed this!

  5. Happy birthday bb
  6. thank u.
  7. Frank, my friend, look at the header of the page.
  8. Made that just for you Frank, it has code geass on it and everything!
  9. yes I seen already.
  10. why is C.C. not on cake? anyway look cool. still not big on my photo beating on.
  11. Dunno who that is lol.
    I just googled Code Geass cakes and that was the only good one. Not many people make Code Geass cakes :emoji_slight_frown:
  12. I wish I could get a really code geass cake. :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. Should probably be a lot of work. I remember my dad making me a batman logo cake for my 8th birthday. He literally walked up to me and said "Never again" when I got it. So I can only imagine code geass, which uses a lot more color to be even more work.
  14. Depends really, was he actually tracing the logo out with icing sugar? Could probably make something quicker by cutting pieces of fondant out then layering it.

    Source: I've never made a cake in my life but I watch Cake Boss therefore I'm an expert.
  15. yet but batman easyer to find b/c it American super heros. were code geass is a japan show. I remember when I wanted a dbz cake when I was kid and it was really hard find got it tops but it was just toys I thing on a island very creeped.
  16. Have a few drinks for us FTJ! Straight Edge Punk!
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  17. He cut the logo out and made models out of marsipan
  18. I am straight edge. and I not SE Punk! is fuckin aids!?
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  19. Lulwut. Is Sweden really that far behind? Even I can make models from marsipan.