Happy Birthday To:

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. ME!


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  2. [​IMG]

    Also since you're a 9gag guy here is a potato.

  3. Thanks :yay:

    Didn't get the joke :sad:
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  4. Happy birthday once again dude. :burns:
  5. Gracias senor!
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  6. the joke is a potato has no place @ a birthday. and day. i also noticed u removed hhh fro m ur fave. :bury:
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and stuff
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  8. as a present i will give u 20 rep and like all ur posts today
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :yes: :otunga: :yes:
  10. I see. And yes, I did. But HHH and HBK are my 2 fav's. So I changed it for this time. :otunga:

    Thanks bro!

    Lol, ty.

    Thanks bro! :laugh:
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  11. It's the 9gag thing, the all sign off posts with a potato.
  12. Once again congratulations on the date of your birth.
  13. Tack människa!
  14. Happy birthday Jose!
  15. Thank you very much, Hoss! [​IMG]
  16. No problem bro. :otunga:
  17. I'm probably late but Happy Birthday! :emoji_kissing_heart:***
  18. Noo! :emoji_slight_smile: It's today. Haha, made the thread at my birth time. :laugh:
  19. congratulations on not dying for another year after coming out of your mother!!!!
  20. :true:
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