Happy one year. I've missed all of you too much

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sooo Kia, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Kia here
    So much time has passed and many new faces. Its possible my name has been mentioned here, but if not, just know my time here was pleasant and the staff has been wonderful to me in my troubling times.
    To all of you, I may have hurt or disappointed :emoji_slight_frown: I cannot change your feelings regarding me. I ask you forgive me and understand I've tried my best to be truthful with each of you. I apologize those I abandoned abruptly.
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  2. I've missed you too.
  3. Thanks, hon
  4. Uggghhhh.... this is irritating, this comp is crazy. Post deletion required.
  5. Welcome back Kia, we've all missed you :sad:
    Maybe you'll stick around this time?
  6. MAMMA KIA :yes: WELCOME BACK!! :Yay:
  7. Thank you Jonathan and Farooq. I appreciate you both for your hospitality (sp). Staying may not be an option, but I'll enjoy the little time I have.
  8. Why might staying not be an option? :sad:
  9. She's joining a convent. I'm serious
  10. For real? :shock:
  11. Already PM'd you last night. Awesome to see you here.
  12. WF is a much better place with a nice dosage of Kia's positivity :emoji_slight_smile:.
  13. Welcome back Kia, missed you. Glad to hear that you're doing well.
  14. Already sent you a PM bu yah, welcome back.
  15. Welcome back Kia!
  16. Great to see you here Kia. :obama:
  17. I've seen the rumors floating about and if you would rather discuss in in PM that's awesome.. but is it true (what you seem to be deciding to do with your life) and if so what led you to this decision? I'm very fascinated by how that came to be.

    Like I said PM me if you don't want to talk about it ITT

    great hearing from you btw
  18. Joining a convent? Meh.
  19. KIA :otunga:

    Good to see you here. Thanks for the talk.
  20. Punk - Very loyal, I appreciate it
    Zach - Thank you, I hope you've opened from your shell a bit
    Jose - A very pleasant spirit indeed
    Jonathan - Always so inquisitive
    BHR - Dependable and sturdy.
    Stopspot - Capable of such courage
    Crayo - I could never thank you enough for your honesty
    Dolph's - We'll talk, I'm certain
    KevinLockard23 - hmmm, fellow Chicago native I assume???
    Leo C - Hi Leo!!!
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