TV 'Hard-Rocker' wins American Idol XIII

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  1. I was on a date last night and she made me watch the results shows for American Idol which.. I didn't mind because she told me there was a dude as one of the final two contestants who was a hard rocker. So before they announced the results I looked this guy's videos up just to recap on if I thought he was solid enough and honestly I thought he was pretty legit.. I'll post a couple of videos of some performances I think those interested in the genre of music he performed might like.

    The winner was: Caleb Johnson
    He's actually tried out a few times for the show from what I was seeing on his recap but this time he actually hit it and made American Idol history by being the first hard rocker to win the show (bout time if you ask me back when I actually followed the show in like Seasons 3 or 4 there was a guy named Bo Bice and Constantine Marioulis who I enjoyed their performances a lot).

    All of these are at least Top 12 performances..

    "Working Man" - Rush

    "Still of the Night" - Whitesnake

    "Dazed and Confused" - Led Zeppelin

    "Dream On" - Aerosmith

    There probably aren't too many who watch this show still but what do you think about the dude himself, I think his vocal range makes him have a pretty high ceiling for potential.. he could shed some weight and be more energetic around the stage but overall this was a good choice in comparison to the chick he was going against in the finals.​
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  2. I have watched Idol every year since the 1st season... Caleb was good and deserved to win based on who it came down to in the final 2 but the best contestants all went home much earlier. Unfortunately the producers of the show have an agenda.. they choose early on who is going to be the top 5 and then they direct the show accordingly.. when they want someone eliminated they make sure the judges nitpick about their performances even if they were good, the sheeple out there vote according to who the judges like instead of listening for themselves, and thus the show is guided to where they want it.

    Politics suck ass... plain and simple.
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  3. Interesting; seems the show has changed.
    When watching the full show from the beginning during seasons 1-4 I didn't really see too many "better" performances getting sent home early, although I do remember one year there was one guy that went home a little too early and then they had one of those "bring back" shows where a few of the kicked off contestants came back to compete for a returning spot and tried to get further which ended up being him that year and that was cool. I stopped watching though so I have no clue if they still do any of that but I really did like Caleb at least from his recap; there probably were better singers considering he wasn't the most top notch competitor I've seen come out a victor out of one of those competitions.
  4. Yeah, the first 5 seasons or so were solid... I mean Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood both won the titles within those years and have went on to be huge and influential artists.. but after that.. none of the winners have went on to really do anything. Fantasia Barrino won and went on to Broadway success. Chris Daughtry has a semi successful band... that's about it. The people who really win on Idol are the ones who gain exposure and are eliminated early and don't have to be signed exclusively to Idol's record company..they have much more freedom. Adam Lambert was a 2nd place finisher in season 8.. he's now the lead singer of Queen. Jennifer Hudson finished 8th in her season... won an Academy award and various other awards.

    The show was already greenlighted for season 14.. I feel sorry for it, it's like a race horse with 2 broken legs, it just needs to be put down.
  5. I suggest "The Voice" for people who still watch American Idol; personally I think it has a bit more of an entertainment value although like I said I stopped watching AI since like season 4 and then partially 5 & 6 haha.
  6. Shame on you both for bringing that garbage to this website
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  7. If a Hard Rocker didn't win there would be no mention of it; this is simply for the sake of the genre of the music itself. Plus look at his videos he's got a great vocal range and could potentially be apart of that scene on a professional level which is good because hard rock cannot go away so we need more musicians like him and what better way to do it than a competition :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  8. I enjoy reality TV and most competition shows, are we going to have a problem sir?

    I never posted about AI or any other reality TV because I know that even though 70% or more of the users on this site are closet-watchers of those shows they would never admit it.. pride is a bitch :dawg:
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  9. I got a chance to hear his one led zep performance. It was rather good.
  10. I had no idea American idol was still on :idk:
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  11. I just really dislike the whole AI thing in general TBH. I don't mind other reality shows (to an extent), but AI and DWTS can go to hell lol.

    Let me know when someone gets signed to Roadrunner Records from AI and then MAYBE I'll care.
  12. Chip: roadrunner records *snicker* does every track say "meep meep" or sumthin'?
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  13. Well if its on the radio the bands from that label tend to go "bleep bleep". That close enough for ya Chippa?

    Also, I realize Nickelback is on Roadrunner records (booooo). I consider them the black sheep of the label lol. No denying they made the label lots of $$$ though.
  14. Chip: *snicker* I'd rather have a quarterback
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  16. Only liked for the songs and since he can perform them. The people who run the show, can fuck themselves.
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  17. The first part of your statement is pretty much the main reason why I posted this :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  18. Needs bigger balls, imo.
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