"Hard Work pays off!!"

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 7, 2014.

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  1. -people talking about DB winning.

    Just stop. As if DB is the only one working hard, or hard workers aren't constantly lost in the shuffle. DB is where he is because of fan support, not hard work.
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  2. Wrong section, but I agree completely. Although I'll admit he does work hard in the ring, others work much harder than Bryan does, and Bryan only got his push because of how his stupid YES! gestures/chants caught on with the crowds.
  3. Nah I meant to put it here, as it didn't seem appropriate in a wrestling section.
  4. I won't say he isn't a hard worker, but the only reason he did get a Mania main event match is because of fan support. And if Punk hadn't left, it's kind of obvious he'd be lost in the shuffle at Mania.
  5. Fuck Punk lol. Bryan was forced into the ME by the fans, not put in as a backup plan when Punk left. I don't care for DB but he would have been there regardless of Punk dude.
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  6. So you think they would have randomly inserted him into the match even if Punk hadn't left? Like, Bryan's original Mania feud was supposed to be with Sheamus.
  7. Possibly not in the main event though. The original plan was CM Punk vs Triple H, and with Batista set to win the RR, I don't see how Bryan would've fit in.
  8. I think he would have just been put into a triple threat without having the HHH match first.
  9. What would've been the premise of the situation though, cause I don't see one without the Triple H feud.
  10. Vince shows up? You could do it a million ways. It isn't hard.
  11. I guess that makes sense, just seems it would be a bit strange, especially with DB not being able to get his revenge on HHH after all this time.
  12. Yeah that's a fair point, they wanted to bury him into obscurity. Guess it can be "hard work from the fans".
  13. Isn't this just based off some dirtsheet?
  14. yea aka the gospel
  15. Not going to lie Dolph, but "DB is where he is because of fan support, not hard work" is one of the stupidest quotes I've read in a long long time.
  16. As soon as I saw you had replied I knew you would try to bury the thread.

    I'm not saying DB doesn't work hard or that hard work wasn't part of what got him where he is. Point is DB isn't the only hard worker. Tons of guys works hard and won't get where DB is. the hard work without fan support would not have gotten him this push.
  17. I'll take it as a compliment, because anyone with any brain cells should know how retarded this thread is.
    "DB is where he is because of fan support, not hard work"
    Haven't seen one single post saying DB is the only hard worker on the planet.
    He got the fan support because of hard work. His hard work made him incredibly talented. He is over because of how much work he put in and because of how talented he is... Other people working hard and not getting that fan support is utterly irrelevant. Bro, this is a BLFFL standard of thread. I hope you're trolling or something.
  18. Daniel Bryan works hard. Nobody is arguing that point. You may think he's the hardest working man in the WWE or pro wrestling or you may not, but it really doesn't matter to this conversation.

    The question seems to be: "Why does DB's hard work pay off in a Mania main event and title run when other guys' hard work doesn't?". The answer is luck. Luck has played a role in DB's placement in the company as well. It was luck that the "Yes!" chants got so over with the crowd. It was luck (from Bryan's perspective) that Bryan ended up in the HHH match. By "luck", I mean things that are beyond one's personal control.

    The reason we lionize hard work (or hustle, loyalty, and respect, or saying your prayers and eating your vitamins, or what-have-you) is that hard work is the part of the equation you can control. You can't control luck, which is, by its very definition out of your control, but you can be a hard worker and be prepared for when luck taps you.

    So, from Daniel Bryan Danielson's perspective, hard work has paid off with his current situation.

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