Hardcore Justice-August 15th-Live Discussion

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  1. [​IMG]
    -Thursday, August 15th at 9 P.M Eastern Time/8 Central​
    -Norfolk, VA​
    What to Expect​
    -We have finally arrived to Hardcore Justice, and the Main Event of the show will be Bully Ray, the leader of the Aces and Eights, getting his rematch, to face the newly crowned TNA World Champion Chris Sabin.For weeks now, both men have looked to one up on the other, now the talking is done! Both men will be locked inside of the horrors that can happen in a Steel Cage, but this rematch has some high stakes.If Bully Ray loses his rematch, he will never...EVER..get a Title shot again! Who will be left standing when the chaos has cleared after Thursday, we will find out folks.​
    -Bully Ray won't be the only Aces and Eights member to wrestle at Hardcore Justice, but the rest of the team will be action to take on their heated rivals, the Main Event Mafia.They lack experience, and abilities to win the match, but can they shock the world, and defeat the Main Event Mafia? Another high stake on the line, the Wrestler from either team, who gets pinned will be gone from TNA for good, better put in that application to McDonalds!​
    -Every week, as the match-ups start to get better and better, the points mean more for the Bound for Glory Series, and the fans in Constant Center will get a gift of a lifetime, when they get to see a Fatal Four Way Ladder Match, with 20 points on the line.AJ Styles, Kazarian, Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy are all thirsty for those 20 points, how much will they lay their bodies on the line, to catch up to the points leader Magnus?​
    -The men can't have all the fun, the Knockouts will be in action as well, with a Knockouts Tag Team Tornado Match involving Gail Kim teaming up with the Knockouts Champion herself, Mickie James to take on ODB and Velvet Sky.It's been great to see two Knockouts feuds going on, as the feuds have been split between weeks for Impact, but all four of these ladies in the ring together, they might need two Referees! Mickie James must remember though, everyone wants what she has around her waist, the Knockouts Title, so don't trust anyone!​

  2. That was fast as hell. I'm excited about the ladder match. I could bet all my money that Hardy is going to win it, unfortunately...
  3. Pretty bitter on the 0 xdivision build for this event. Hoping to see KK's badass come out and give Manik a good match.
  4. Yeah I see the spur of the moment type match for the X-Division which is sad.
  5. Pretty meh card, Ladder match will be good.
  6. Bully vs Sabin has the same stip Bully vs Sting. I think it can be a good match. If Hardy wins the ladder match, I rate the show with a 10/10 lmao
  7. Crowd will be shit, At least it was last time I went to a TNA event in the constant center.
  8. I hope bully beats sabin tbh even though i don't like bully i don't think that should be bully's last title match.
  9. Expecting a Sabin win and a heel turn, Devon being pinned, Kaz winning and ODB pinning Gail.
  10. thats gonna fuck shit up. #Angle.
  11. Well, it seems like Devon is going to stay around a bit longer then. :testify:
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  12. PWinsider:

    "MMA star Tito Ortiz flew into Norfolk, Virginia this morning, so he will be appearing on tonight's Impact Wrestling "Hardcore Justice" taping."

  13. I shall be tuning in folks.
  14. when is this on>?
  15. Hi, I'm like soo going to be in a WWEF TNA LD. Rare occasion huh?
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