Hardy Boys reuniting in WWE next year "very likely"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Nov 28, 2012.

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  2. Can't say I'm looking forward to it. :downer:
  3. [​IMG]

    OH MY GOD :gusta: CAN'T WAIT :YAY:
  4. Car crash waiting to happen. Hardys need to stay away from WWE
  5. Jeff back in WWE could be interesting, but Matt needs to go away
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  7. If they stay off drugs, I'm all for it. If not... Going to be a HUGE waste of time.
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  8. I think this would be a mistake. The last thing the WWE needs is even more distractions from their main roster. A permanent return would be different (maybe), but the Hardy's never last in WWE.

    Besides, Jeff's overhyped and Matt is nothing special. If Jeff returned all he'd do is steal DB's push and fuck off again.
  9. Guys I think you're not realizing what was said in the interview. "What are the chances of a HARDY BOYZ reunion in WWE next year?"
    If they go back and it's how this is pointing out we might finally get a good tag team division in WWE again even though they have been slowly improving lately.

    Either way I'd love to see them both back.
  10. That would be so cool.
    IF they can keep themselves off the drink and drugs
  11. This!

    The Hardy's were one of the best tag teams back then.

    If they'd let people go over them, the tag-team division will slowly get back where it used to be.

  12. If they return, I'd like to see but two things.

    1. Jeff Hardy and CM Punk feud again sometime in later 2013 or so with Hardy winning back the WWE title for a month or two, only to give in back to Punk. (ALA Big Show's current run).

    2. Matt and Jeff win the tag titles, then an up and coming team defeats them to win them back. (Prime Time, Rhodes Scholars, International Airstrike, etc)
  13. I don't think it'd be good for Jeff to go back. He's better off with a ligher schedule in TNA given his back problems, and he has more time for his family. Matt I don't know. But if they were to return it'd be OK.
  14. it would be cool to see the hardy boyz back next year as they were a great tag team!
  15. If The Hardyz return in WWE they will be the tag team champions I like them & hope they have the tag titles again.
  16. Jeff works better in TNA and they do a lot of things to keep him happy and keep him there.

    Matt just wants to work, but has burned so many bridges that I don't know the feasibility. I think he'd love to see the Hardy Boyz back in WWE, but that doesn't mean HHH wants them back.

  17. It would be great to see them back, and as many already mentioned it willl help the tag team division ALOT...

    Plus, there are plenty of great feuds that I would like to see:
    Jeff VS Punk
    Jeff VS Sandow
    Matt VS Cesaro
    Jeff VS Ziggler
    Cody VS Matt
  18. Would mark but only if a tag team and if they helped push the tag division.
  19. Exactly...
    They will surely help a lot in building the tag division, a feud between Rhodes Scholars and The Hardy Boys would be very interesting to say the least....

    But I also think they can have some interesting feuds with some current wrestlers...
  20. Hardy working with Punk again :silva:

    They don't really go well together, right?...
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