News Hardy breaks leg

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  1. Broken leg apparently. Bad luck keeps piling up
  2. Damn Jeff is the man #get better jeff
  3. Love both Hardy bros all day! Hopefully a speedy recovery.. dirt biking is a big risk but shit.. live your life like you want, it's not like TNA will fire him over that.
  4. Bummer. Get well soon, Jeff!
  5. Oh... And apparently, this is the video of him breaking his leg. Found the link to it randomly on Tumblr.
  6. So uhh, I wonder if they give Wolves the belts back in time for the next taping (heard Edwards is back soon) or do a big tournament if they decide that the Hardys will be back soon enough, but I doubt it, it wouldn't make sense to not strip them of the title.

    They badly need one or two new tag teams in the mix, seeing as how The Bro-Mans have sucked recently (and could split... I say they need a more serious edge like when they first started out), The Rising and BDC are feuding, Dirty Heels and random Mexican team seem temporary and The Revolution need an actual story (I can possibly see Bram joining them soon and Magnus getting someone to help him fight them) and Magnus will have a new tag team soon seeing as how he has the tag team title briefcase that TNA have probably forgotten about, but probably throw up randomly on one Impact.

    I'd say they should use Tigre Uno in a tag team and build up his credibility as a Lucha Dragons-like team (because those teams are da bomb), try and get Rising and BDC involved in the title hunt, possibly put Mandrews in there (with Magnus, maybe) and sign a new unknown tag team to build up (maybe The Von Erichs 3G, seeing as how they've been in TNA before at Slammiversary last year).
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  7. lol what a dumbass
  8. Just give Matt his singles run.

    Superior Hardy number 1
  9. Probably the most Jeff Harvey thing ever.
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  10. lol, quite ironic. Hopefully he gets better soon, though.
  11. haha, too funny
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