Hardy rushed to hospital after iMPACT

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  1. :hmm: So kayfabe or legit? I'm leaning a little bit towards kayfabe, but what do I know?

    Video 1 (but it's that Vine crap):

    Video 2 (more Vine crap):

    Photo of ambulance driving off:

    Now, I hate to be one of "those" people, but I thought I would post this for anyone who does want to see it and for those who want to speculate or discuss how this may impact upcoming storylines, feuds, etc.
  2. The bump he took off of the ladder looked really painful. It wouldn't surprise me if he cracked a rib on it.
  3. Hope the dude's alright
  4. That's my thing. I started reading this stuff on Twitter and debating back and forth with myself before posting it. I really could see it going either way. With their match last night, it wouldn't at all surprise me if he did get injured and had to go to the hospital. At the same time, reading the way they're "reporting" it, the way Bully commented on it, and some of the other things makes me wonder if it is just kayfabe after all with it seeming legit because of their rough match. (I did check and his wife seems fine and dandy -- just retweeting some of the other stuff but also still doing the girly thing of talking about how she curled her hair today, etc.)

    Anyway, I could see it being any of at least three things:
    1.) Strictly kayfabe but using the roughness of their match to make it seem more legit.
    2.) Hardy was injured but only with a minor injury, yet they're going to drum it up as being some big deal.
    3.) He is seriously injured and they're just doing a poor job with how they're reporting it.

    I actually kind of get frustrated when stuff like this happens and I'm not sure if it's just for show or if it's a serious injury, especially if I think it may be serious then feel stupid later. :haha:
  5. #2 for me. Using his injury to further develop the story.
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  6. You're probably right. :obama:
  7. I'm with Senhor. Either way, get well soon from your injuries however serious they are, and thank you for putting your body on the line for us. Good grief man, you didn't need to take that many ridiculous bumps!
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  8. The pain must be real and almost for sure he's injured but I don't think it's because of Bully kicking him with the hammer
  9. If God was a bully, he'd be me. Damn.
  10. Hope Jeff is alright. I think his injury might not be that bad, but nonetheless I hope Hardy gets better.
  11. Sure, but that'll mean another title match? I'd prefer having him in a feud with KK tbh
  12. WORK



    I really can't put this whole thing in any other way.
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