Harlem Shake -- WWE-style

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by GrammarNazi82, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. :facepalm:

  2. That guy in the back swinging his coat had me rolling
  3. lol @Chimel and Titus. But what a minute...

    If Ricardo was there and El Local was there at the same time......Ricardo is a time traveller.
  4. Kaitlyn look nice.
  5. That is epic. Didn't see Kaitlyn till I looked at the comments, had to re-watch :lol1:

    Scott Armstrong and the other Referee, oh my :haha:
  6. I didn't even see Kaitlyn.
  7. Right at the back, she has boxing gloves on.

    I also believe the girl with the big tall hat is Rosa. (Right)


    EDIT; No, that's all wrong lmao.

    Kaitlyn is next to scott armstrong.
    The person in the tall hat is Bo Dallas.
    The person with the boxing gloves is Aksana.
  8. Hey, WWE is actually kinda staying with the times... Shame they had to pick this. Can this fad be over yet?

    Serious question: Why were the dancing team they're trying to get over not here?
  9. That's Santino.
  10. lol nice nice
  11. Preferred this one to the TNA one to be honest lol.

    Armstrong ftw.
  12. lold @ Titus, does he remind anyone else of Terry Crews?
  13. I did love watching Armstrong. Guy doesn't mind cutting up. Need to re-watch it to pay attention to who everyone is, aside from Ricardo, Santino, Scott and Mae Young's hand-child.
  14. Marked for Striker and his banjo. BUT WHERE THE HELL WAS FAROOQ.
  15. Could someone explain me what this "Harlem Shake" thing is please?
  16. It's the ghetto version of Gangman Style. :pity1: @deth
  17. Oh, a random dance/song that gets popular on the internet for no reason? Enough info for me, thank you very much.
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  18. Except the fact that unlike with gangnam-style, the actual author of this song will likely see zero of the profit apart from the people who buy the song. He seems cool with it, but it's only been a thing for a week and hopefully that's how long it'll last.

    Once things get to the point where people only watch them because they feel socially inclined to watch them, the thing becomes a band-waggoning shitstorm.
  19. Couldn't one make an argument of this being just what a meme is? Someone makes something that is a bit funny and then the internet (being the bunch of cultural barbarians mainstream media thinks we are) takes it to the limit, pushes it over the limit and stones it to death.
  20. Lmfao. Omg, Titus. :dawg:
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