Harold getting in ring action tonight

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. Harold! :yay: RAW of the year easy

  2. As long as the anger management stuff continues I'm fine. That was the best sketch in the modern WWE era.
  3. hold a 3 man class in the ring, they have to showoff their anger collages. boom!
  4. Completely agree with this 100%
  5. Harold was genius, and Kane was pure friggin' gold...

    But honestly, DB can't act. And his laughable attempt at acting isn't funny either. The skits were a great idea, and if it was anyone ELSE in that group other than Bryan, I'd have bought it and LOVED it.
    I hope DB can pull off something like this in the future with better acting, I really like him and I think he has a LOT of potential both in and out of the ring, but right now, he just isn't cutting it in front of that camera for me.
  6. Opinions I guess, I found him hilarious last week.
  7. Anyone know how good Harold is in the ring?
  8. I don't know... I just think he's trying too hard to sell his "anger issues".
  9. Google "Scorpio Sky" or "Mason Andrews".

    This sounds so amazing... who knew a filler guy in an anger management skit can make us look forward to Raw that much more! :win:
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  10. Harold gonna be on Raw & possibly competing. They'll probably stick him in the tag team division his first night, with the rest of the minorities on the roster. :sad:
  11. So... Eric Cartman is booking both TNA and WWE?
  12. lmao I just imagined Triple H saying "but Daaaaad"
  13. Harold for the WWE champion. :yay:
  15. I knew I had seen him before. :dawg:

    It'd be awesome.
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